Fat Loss Program

We offer a Doctor-Supervised weight loss program focused on reducing FAT.  The truth is, how much you weigh is less important than how much FAT you have on your body.  Researchers are now realizing that nearly every disease increases in frequency and intensity with added fat, particularly around the belly.  We all want to live healthier, but lets not kid ourselves:  We all want to look great! 

Our program uses innovative diet modifications, some tasty protein supplements and light muscle building exercises to help reduce fat QUICKLY.  The average female loses 2-4 pounds per week while the average male loses 3-5 pounds per week until the client's goal is reached. 

Once your goal is reached you will have learned how diet alone can be easily controlled to produce and then maintain a healthy and beautiful body. 

It is easy to start:  Call our office at 715.233.1867 or stop in and we'll have you ready to start in about 30 minutes.  The cost is less than most diets.  There is no up front weird fees, hidden fees and you don't buy more a freezer full of stuff just to get starte

You can also join our program from a distance.  Visit www.simplyrevive.com
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