Many of our patients have shared their healing experience on paper.  Those patients that have authorized us in writing to publish their story are included here.  Each testimony is signed and dated with authorization to share publicly according to HIPPA guidelines.  Original copies are available for anyone to see in our clinic.  There are over 150 included here.  Some are short, some are long.  Enjoy reading - then contact us for a no cost consultation to begin your own healing story!

Before meeting Dr. Peterson, I had seen a half dozen doctors and made a few trips to Mayo Clinic in Rochester for a pain in my right ankle that no one could help even after countless medications, over 15 weeks in a walking cast in a two year period, plus a surgery!  I was about t have a second surgery when a friend recommended Simply Chiropractic.  Since starting with Dr. Peterson, not only is the pain in my right ankle gone, but the bump on it has shrunk!  I started noticing changes within the first two weeks.  I also experienced results with headaches and migraines - they have lessened and almost completely gone away!  Also, I have more energy and sleep better at night - overall that makes a huge change on how I view a new day.  I also used the infrared light therapy on my ankle and at the surgery sight in my calf.  This obviously helped reduce the swelling and scar tissue and shrunk the lump that nobody else could make go away!                                           

A. N. - Age 22

I had severe headaches everyday, went to bed with a headache and got up with a headache and had them all day long.  My hips hurt so bad that I could not lay on my sides at night, did not sleep at all, maybe got 2 hours of sleep and it was not good sleep, so I was very exhausted all day long.  I was so tired I could not focus on what I was doing at home and at work.  I felt like my body was crooked.  I felt like I was walking sideways and could not walk a straight line.  My balance always seemed off.  I had burning in my arm most of the day.  It always felt like it was on fire.  My legs felt heavy, some days it seemed hard to get one foot in front of the other to walk.  It seemed like great effort.  My neck and back ached, my neck felt pinched and hurt into my shoulders.  Some days holding my head up took great effort.  My headaches have improved greatly.  I still have some, but not every day and they are less intense.  My hips do not hurt as much.  I can at least lay on my sides now.  I get much more sleep, and feel more rested.  My arms have totally stopped burning.  That feels wonderful!  I am feeling much more focused, and can seem to concentrate better at this point.  I don’t seem to feel as washed out and drained of energy, more bounce in my step.  I’m very pleased with the results so far and will continue with the health plan set up for me.
G.N. - Age 56  

I was having migraines just about every week, sometimes they would just rum from one day to the other.  I also had such back pain the one day it hurt so bad it continued to my stomach and I was sick on the couch for 2 days.  At night I had to lie in one straight position to get to sleep.  I would wake up from the pain in my leg and hip and have to try to change directions.  Now I have mild headaches, mostly toward the evening, but not anything that I can’t do my everyday chores.  I no longer have pain that circles around to my stomach.  I do sleep somewhat better and am able to enjoy my grandchildren.  I don’t have as much phlegm in my throat in the mornings like I used to.
M.B. - Age 51   

Before starting treatment I was in terrible shape.  Every muscle in my body was so tight.  My left arm from my elbow to my shoulder blade hurt so badly.  I could not do any work and had sleepless nights and my right leg and hip were getting worse every year.  My brother was having a lot of success at the chiropractor, so I thought I would try it.  My situation has improved so much.  I am so happy I tried a chiropractor.  I am able to do my own work.  I drive my car.  I don’t have to rest every fifteen minutes, like I did.  My bladder has improved too, and I can sleep very well.  After 3 treatments, I felt like a new person.  The pain is leaving after each treatment.  I am gaining back my energy, too.  I don’t have to sit down every fifteen minutes while I am working.  I did not feel like going anyplace, I just wanted to stay at home and sleep.  Now, I can do everything that I was used to doing.  Thanks to Simply Chiropractic. I hope I have a few more years to go out and enjoy my life.
L.S. - Age 89

At age nineteen I started to see a chiropractor for headaches, and muscle spasms over my entire back.  Now fifty years later, I have also noticed a blurring of my eyes involving distance.  After all those years, my headaches are gone.  I also know I can still do the gardening and keeping my lawn mowed.  And after every adjustment, I believe my eyesight is sharper, even my eye doctor believes that by relieving the tension and better blood flow to the head through your neck will help.  My eye doctor told me that before I go and have my eyes checked, always go and have an adjustment, because it could save me from getting new glasses every two years.  It’s been eight years since I’ve needed new ones.
B.L. - Age 70    

Before coming to Simply Chiropractic I had severe migraines, back pain and achy bones, especially after the birth of my second child.  I couldn’t sleep and was very cranky towards my family because I was always in pain.  I have fewer migraines and my general health and well-being have improved.  I feel so much better all the time.  I sleep through the night and get up in the morning and have no achy spots like before.  My family has noticed a change in my attitude.  I am a lot easier to get along with after my adjustments.
S.T. - Age 33    

My neck was stiff and hurt a lot and my lower back was in constant pain.  It made even simple things much more difficult.  I feel more energetic and I’m in a better mood because most of the pain is gone.  I sleep better at night, too!  Not being in pain makes everything better.  I get more done and enjoy life a lot more.
M.B. - Age 52  

My health before starting at Simply Chiropractic was not good.  I had gotten bucked off a young horse and broke my leg in May 2007.  I suffered through the summer and after seeing a friend of mine that had a severe back injury moving and feeling much better, I decided to give it a try.  After starting on the program that the Doctors set up for me, I noticed how much better I was feeling and I could go down the steps one foot in front of the other and not one at a time.  My hips and neck do not hurt anymore and I have lost 14 pounds, the last time I checked.  The energy that I have now is great; I am starting to feel like myself again.  When I have an appointment I cannot wait!  I told the doctor that it was like the Calgon commercial…”Calgon take me away”.  That is how I feel after an adjustment.  Other areas in my life that are better since going to Simply Chiropractic equals pretty much everything!  I can keep up with my kids, and it is not so much of a hassle to get things done.  This is the best thing that I have done for myself in a long time.  I highly recommend anyone that is having back, neck and hip problems to check Simply Chiropractic out!
C.K. - Age 45     

I had a sore lower back and not much movement in my neck.  My back feels 100% better and I can do things now I couldn’t do before.  The pain I lived with before is gone.  My range of motion in my neck has also improved.
T.McA. - Age 69     

I had been going to chiropractors that crack your back and neck and I hated it.  I have back and neck pain often and I never got long-term relief until I came to Simply Chiropractic.  I came here the day after a back-cracking chiropractor and Dr. Peterson felt my neck and said he felt softer rocks!  I only come once a month for maintenance and have nowhere near the pain I had.  Sometimes when a headache comes, it can go away on its own.  I enjoy coming because it is an easy adjustment and the great massage chair to sit in afterwards.  I feel great, and therefore I do more and have more energy.  They even gave me relief with a cold!  I was stuffed up for days, so I mentioned it and like magic…I could breathe.  I would recommend Simply Chiropractic to anyone.
H.S. - Age 37    

I had a hard time breathing, and had shoulder and neck pains.  I had a hard time doing activities like playing with friends and sports.  I also have allergies.  Since I’ve been under chiropractic care, I can play sports.  I am playing in school on the basketball team, now.  I can breath a lot better.  My shoulder and neck pain are a lot less, also.  My allergies are a lot better.  I feel better and have more energy that before treatments.  I can play activities with other kids now.
M.P. - Age 11    

I have had to deal with aggressive headaches my entire life.  It wasn’t until a couple of years ago that it was discovered that I have a congenital birth defect affecting my C1 vertebra.  In a normal spine, the C1 resides just below, and separate from, the skull.  In my spine, the C1 is not only attached to my skull – it is attached in a rather awkward position.  Even after finding this problem, it seemed as if no doctor could truly keep the headaches away.  It had even been suggested that I have a surgery to disconnect the two bones – a very expensive and incredibly risky procedure.  Before seeing the doctors at Simply Chiropractic, I was dealing with daily migraines.  I was losing time at work and losing even more time with my family.  It seemed as if the only thing I really had time to do was deal with my headaches.  The change I have experienced since even my first adjustment is awe-inspiring.  No other treatment, remedy – no other doctors – have helped me in the way the doctors at Simply Chiropractic have.  They truly know their craft and are not at all afraid to take a little extra time to make sure you leave feeling your best.
E.C. - Age 21    

I was having severe back and leg pain and unable to sit, stand, or sleep and I used ice a lot.  I went to a family doctor and got pain pills and they didn’t help, so I went back and scheduled a cortisone shot, but the pain resumed when the shot wore off.  Then I had a few chiropractic adjustments and another cortisone shot.  I was scheduled to go see the back doctor again.  It hadn’t been 2 years since I’d had back surgery for 2 herniated discs.  Then a family member told me about Simply Chiropractic.  I was very skeptical but had to try something.  Since starting at Simply Chiropractic, my back and leg pain are gone.  I feel as though I can get out and do my work with no pain.
G.A. - Age 73    

My back and neck were sore after being at the sink doing dishes.  I would feel like I would pass out.  I would have to lie on the floor for a while for relief.  My sciatica was giving me trouble, too.  I would have to ice.  I no longer have to ice or lay on the floor.  I can walk and do the dishes, house clean and other jobs with no pain.
C.A. - Age 75    

Before starting chiropractic care I had poor posture, front leg pain, lower back pain, and neck soreness.  I discovered after spinal x-ray that I had fusion in my neck that I was born with and also in my back.  I don’t have blurred vision and fewer headaches.  I have diabetes, which my A1C has improved.  My cholesterol has improved considerably.  I do not have pain in my front leg.  My overall health has improved by coming to the chiropractor.  I had a lot of problems moving from bent knee position to a standing position, which is much easier to do now.  I have more energy and not so fatigued.  I can cope with my stress level.  It is easier to walk without pain.  In general I can cope with everyday life.

My health was really in bad shape before I started visiting a chiropractor.  I was always in pain on my right arm, shoulder and leg.  My neck was always hurting.  My back was always hurting after any activity.  My collarbone was always hurting, too.  My condition improved in a remarkable way.  The back is still hurting, but is much better than before visiting this chiropractor.  Job pains still not working, but household chores are able to do a little though my back still hurts.  The rest of the painful areas it has improved.  I am still hurting, though.  I guess with time it will fade.
S.M. - Age 48  

When I was about 2 or 3 weeks old I had lots of bad tummy pains and I cried a lot.  My mom was worried so she brought me to see the Doctors at Simply Chiropractic when I was 4 weeks old.  After my first week of seeing Dr. Schemenauer, I began to feel better and sleep better.  It took about 10 weeks of visits and now I only see Dr. Schemenauer about 2 times a month.  My mom and dad are so glad they found out about chiropractic care for babies and don’t know how they went without it for me.
B.R. for J.R. - Age 4 Months  

After two back disc surgeries in the 1970’s, the following years my back wasn’t going to be 20 years old anymore.  I had pain and trouble walking without a cane for long periods of time.  I had 13 steroid injections, but after awhile the arthritis built up in the injection site and they didn’t work anymore.  The medical people said a back fusion would help.  I wasn’t ready yet, for that, or, pain pills on a daily basis.  Enter alternative medicine:  I, who all my life thought of chiropractors as people who make your bones and muscles move around and once you start, you’re going back forever and taking your money!  I was a very huge skeptic.  I saw an ad in the paper from Simply Chiropractic for $10.00 for an evaluation.  What could I lose?  $10.00?  I made the appointment.  My first visit, when I walked in, ok, I was ready to see how great this scam was.  Well, I listened and waited for great results.  Nothing happened!!  I was about ready to quit this scam and then, about 1 month into treatment, I noticed something was happening!  Yes, me, the skeptic.  My tailbone pain was improving and I could now get up off a chair without much pain; my brother said this was all a placebo effect and so that fueled my skeptic thoughts.  But, I continued with the program because I had changes occurring in my body and I was believing!  My tailbone pain is all but gone and the hand and arm numbness is almost gone.  I can stand in one place for more than 5 minutes and I can shop for an hour without looking for a place to sit down.  Yes, the skeptic no longer lives in my body but filled with relief that Simply Chiropractic has given me.  Thank you so much.
D.R.  - Age  65  

I had pain in my left shoulder and arm, and my lower back and neck.  The pain in my left arm is a lot better.  The work at my job is easier and I have more energy.
S.B.  - Age 23    

I would have periodic back pain (lower).  The week before I came in for my first visit, my lower back went out and I could barely walk.  I had never had pain that severe before.  My situation has improved greatly.  I am back to lifting and working better than I have been able to for a couple of years.  I have been able to work a lot harder, getting work done faster.
J.A.  - Age 25    

Before starting chiropractic care, I had poor posture, front leg pain, lower back pain, and a sore neck.  I seem to have better vision, not as much blurred vision.  No headaches and more energy.  After a few adjustments, I was relieved of my pain in my leg, which was the most major concern before treatment.  I have more energy and not so fatigued.  My stress level has greatly improved, and I am able to cope with everyday life.  The more I walk, the better I feel.
S.H.  - Age 56 

I was having a lot of lower back pain and had trouble just doing daily things.  After about six weeks, I started to notice a change in my back.  It is better and I have gone through shots that did not help.  The funniest was, I do have a hip problem that Dr. Jeff could not do anything with.  When I went for my pre-op physical, they told me I was ¼ of an inch taller.  I know that is because I’m standing straighter.
S.R.  - Age 65    

I had headaches, and sciatic nerve problems.  My headaches have ceased, and with monthly maintenance, the sciatic nerve problem is kept in check.  It’s nice to wake up without headaches.
B.M.  - Age 63  

I had back surgery at 30 years of age.  Farming all my life, most of the time having back pain.  I’m hoping to prolong good health.  Going to the chiropractor has helped.  I have a lot less back pain.  I am feeling less pain and feeling better.
J.A.  - Age 43    

In 1997 I went to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, for neck problems.  I couldn’t sleep because of spasms in my neck.  Well, after quite a few tests, I was sent home and diagnosed with spasmodic torticollis.  They suggested different types of painkillers to ease the discomfort so maybe I could get some sleep.  I took some, but hated the side effects.  They said, as I got older the pain would probably get worse and then maybe I could try Botox, which at that time was $600.00 a treatment and maybe would last 3-6 months.  Then as a last resort, maybe undergoing a procedure called deep brain stimulation (DBS), which was something they were trying for Parkinson’s disease related symptoms.  After 10 years of losing sleep, I was ready for anything.  It didn’t go away during the day, either.  It was just worse at night.  No one would know what this is like unless they have it.  A friend suggested I try Simply Chiropractic, because they got help there with a back problem they had had for some time.  Well, I can’t tell you how excited I am.  After only 10 treatments, the spasms were nearly gone in my neck.  It is just a miracle to me and I wasn’t even expecting them to go away.  At Mayo, they said they didn’t know of a cure, they could only help control the pain and discomfort with medication.  So, when coming to Chiropractic, I just wanted my neck to feel better and the pains in my leg to maybe let up or go away.  I can sleep for hours, now, instead of waking up every one or two hours, and then trying to go back to sleep.  Some nights I had no sleep.  I just want to follow through with this and all that they tell me to do, like drinking lots of water and never sleeping on my stomach.  All I know is this is working.  Your spine has a lot to do with your health, as I am finding out.  I highly recommend Simply Chiropractic to anyone.
A.J. - Age 69  

A friend referred me to Simply Chiropractic, because of my severe back and leg pain.  I was walking with a cane and after three sessions, I seldom use my cane.  When I went on the treadmill before I went for treatment, I was practically laying on the machine in order to walk.  I can now stand up straight.  My spine is much straighter and seems good not to be in pain all the time.  My 2-½ year old granddaughter says, “Gamma, you forgot your cane!”
B.S. - Age 69  

For more years than I care to think about, I didn’t think Chiropractic was necessary.  I experienced my share of lower back pain, jaw popping, and sinus trouble.  The list was long and distinguished.  When both of my knees started to bother me, I had finally had enough.  I wasn’t comfortable with the medical communities idea of solving the problem with pain medication.  I wanted to get to the cause of the problem, instead of covering it up.  I took the chance that maybe Chiropractic care would help me.  It has been three years of regular care with Dr. Schemenauer.  My list of aches and pains no longer exists.  I trust Dr. Schemenauer and would recommend him to someone seeking care, with no hesitation what so ever.  My only regret is that I didn’t seek Chiropractic care sooner.
S.E. - Age 57   

I was diagnosed with asthma at 18 months old and allergies when I was 20 years old.  My doctor prescribed various medications to control these.  Then, I started having stomach problems, possibly IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).  I had heard that eating an egg and a piece of toast for breakfast would make the IBS more manageable, and it was.  However, I feared future cholesterol problems.  I have been under chiropractic care for a little over a year.  I stopped eating an egg and toast about 5 months ago and haven’t had any IBS problems since.  When I get adjusted, I feel my breathing passages open immediately.  My nose runs and my chest pain, if I had any at the time, go away the same day as my adjustment.  I am now beginning to try going off my asthma and allergy medications.  I am better able to enjoy exercising because I can breathe better.  I can read a book to my students without losing my breath.  I don’t have to avoid foods I love or leave social gatherings because of stomachaches.  I love Chiropractic and Dr. Schemenauer is great!
A.F - Age 27    

When I came to Simply Chiropractic, I was in unbearable pain.  I couldn’t even bend over to tie my shoes without pain.  Now the pain is very limited to a little soreness.  It is awesome how God can work through people that truly care.  Chiropractic care has limited my pain suffering.  It really helped my with back pain suffering by just letting the doctor at Simply Chiropractic to simply do the job and passion for lives they were called to do.  Thank God above for their commitment in their profession.  I can bend over, squat, and stretch, you name it.  It’s all around better.  Even my attitude is all around better.  I thank Dr. Schemenauer, for caring, and, thank you to the receptionist, Mary, and all the others.
H.B. Age 47

Since having surgery on my lower back 3 years ago, I have been bothered with a constant numbness and severe cramping in my leg and foot.  Headaches were getting more frequent until I was having 2-3 per week; some were so severe I had to miss work.  I was living on Excedrin and muscle relaxation meds.  After only 3 sessions at Simply Chiropractic my headaches were gone.  I have had only 1 headache in the past 9 weeks.  I am getting some feeling back in my leg and foot, and the leg cramps are gone.  The pill bottles remain closed!   I feel like a new person.  I have my life back again!  I have more energy and have a happier and more positive attitude.  I owe this “new life” to the Doctor’s at Simply Chiropractic.  I am amazed they have been able to get these results in such a short time.  The results of my follow up x-ray and scans took my breath away!  My husband is a patient also and has had life changing results as well.  I can’t express in words just what the Doctor’s have done for us both.  The Doctor’s and staff are so caring.  I recommend them to everyone!
S.B. - Age 61   

I’m from out of state so I’m only able to use Simply Chiropractic when I visit.  Two years ago and now again, I’ve had wonderful results with improvement on headaches in my neck and the back of head area.  My headaches were very much improved after just a few treatments.   This year I’ve had knee problems.  The first treatment on the knee with light therapy was not successful.  However, after the second light therapy treatment my knee was nearly pain free.  I noticed immediate improvement the first steps I took after the treatment.
J.K. - Age 69    

Before I started going to see Dr. Schemenauer at Simply Chiropractic, I was a mess.  I had chronic headaches that would get so bad that ibuprofen, over-the-counter migraine medication, nor Alieve would touch.  I had chronic back pain that people told me would get better if I lost weight.  Well, the very opposite happened.  It seemed that the more weight I lost, the worse I felt.  I was doing everything right; I was eating healthy, working out at the gym, and walking at least an hour a day almost every day.  But as the weight came off, it was harder and harder for me to work out because I would be in so much pain for days afterward.  I noticed that my shoulder and knee joints were starting to slip.  I was beginning to think that I was going to need both knee and shoulder surgeries.  The problem is, I don’t have insurance; so that was pretty much out of the question.  I started wearing a knee brace almost all the time because my right knee was so bad.  As my knees got worse, I began having problems with my hips and lower back from over-compensating for my knee.  As time progressed, I found myself using some form of over-the-counter pain killers almost every day and using an ice pack on my back almost every night just to sleep.  Finally, I quit working out altogether and started putting weight back on.  The slipping of my knees and shoulders improved as I put the weight back on, but the back and headache pain still remained and I also started having problems with my palms and the soles of my feet itching.  It was the kind of itch that scratching would not help because it was from pinched nerves.  I had no idea what I was going to do until I went to the Dunn County Fair for the first time in years this summer.  Little did I know that I would find the answer to all my problems at the fair.  As I was walking through one of the buildings, I saw someone from Simply Chiropractic doing some sort of free scan on people; so just out of curiosity, I stepped up to take my turn.  The woman explained what she was going to do and that the scan was supposed to show heat around the spine showing possible high areas of muscle tension.  To my NOT surprise I set the machine squealing twice within the space between the neck hem of my tank top and base of my skull.  She asked if I had problems with headaches and I told her that I had one right then and that I was not surprised that I set the machine off.  I was a little nervous for my first appointment, because I have seen and heard some pretty scary things regarding chiropractic care and one of them was from my mom.  When she was younger, she found out she had scoliosis.  She went to a chiropractor for help, but ended up in worse shape than before she started seeing him.  Now, she can’t tolerate anyone touching her neck and hurts really bad when she gets cold.  Anyway, I went in and had my initial work up done and went back the next week for the results and thankfully my first adjustment.  On my second visit to the office, I found out that the main causes of my hip, knee, and lower back pain were from one hip sitting higher than the other and a curve in my lower spine to compensate.  I also found out that my headaches are because I do not have a curve in my neck so my head sits incorrectly on the spine.  I also had my first adjustment, which involved no snap, crackle or pop and walked out feeling better.  I have now finished my eighth adjustment.  I have only had a couple minor headaches and the pain in my back is gone.  I have had only minor knee problems and my shoulder problems seem to have subsided as well.  I have had a few sessions with light therapy and noticed improvement especially in my knee.  One of my all time favorite things offered at Simply Chiropractic are the massage chairs in the resting room.  I am always a little sad when the 15 minute massage programs ends.  On the up side, however; I leave feeling better and more relaxed.  I have to say that the best thing at this office is the staff.  Every time I walk into Simply Chiropractic someone is there to greet me by name with a smile.  Kim is the very friendly and knowledgeable person who helped me at the fair and she is also the one that keeps the office running smoothly.  Mary is great and always ready to make sure everything is ok with my light therapy program.  Dr. Jeff Schemenauer is my lifesaver.  He was straight forward from the time I walked through the door and I like that.  He didn’t talk at me or down to me at all.  He also told me straight out that he would let me know if he would be able to help me or not.  He also said that if he couldn’t help me, that he would help me find someone that could.  These things immediately made me feel more comfortable with him.  I realized that he wasn’t going to just do the adjustments and take my money knowing full well that he wasn’t going to be able to help me.  Another thing he did that I am grateful for happened at my third appointment,  Dr. Schemenauer went through a Personal Plan of Care he had worked out for me.  It laid out his estimated frame for my program.  It included the estimated number of: days, adjustments, light therapy sessions, progress exams, and follow up x-rays he thought it would take to get me back into shape.  It also laid out the expected cost.  This for me was huge; because I had no idea what to expect being I had only had one other visit to a chiropractor in my life. His plan also included a few options for payment.  Now I not only know what to expect and how much it will cost, but also have a way to pay for it.  All I really have to do now is worry about getting better.  I would like to say thank you to Dr. Schemenauer and his staff for the excellent care I have received.  I look forward to continued success!!!
R.G. - Age 37

At the most unexpected times I would have trouble breathing, and start coughing and wheezing.  I have had asthma all my life.  When I was a kid I had many asthma attacks that were very severe.  My mom and dad faithfully took me to a chiropractor 3 times a week.  The adjustments to my upper back and neck helped tremendously.  I had less coughing spells and times when I couldn’t breathe.  I never used an inhaler or medication for asthma when I was young.  The attacks were less and less until I got older – 30 years old.  I went to nursing school in my late 30’s and discovered medication for asthma.  I went to a Doctor who prescribed inhalers, albuterol and beclomelhasone.  He wanted me to use them daily.  I tried using them for at least 6 years.  My heart raced, I felt jittery, had difficulty sleeping.  I didn’t like the way they made me feel.  My mom and dad were concerned about me using these medications on a daily basis.  I had a difficult time not using the medications-like my body was addicted to them.  I have slowly used them less and less.  Dad suggested I go to see Doctor Peterson.  Since I have been coming to Simply Chiropractic and have followed my plan of care, I have not used an inhaler since January of 2003.  I feel better.  I can mow lawn without coughing.  I can exercise without coughing and wheezing.  I am definitely much better off without the inhaler!  I am now able to do things I couldn’t do before like go for fast walks, exercise and walk up stairs.
J.W. – Age 48    

The pain in my lower back and shoulders is at least 85% better than when I first saw Dr. Peterson.  I could hardly turn my head but now I can turn and look backwards much better.  I am able to do my work better and also have more balance when on my feet.
G.S. – Age 77    

I’ve had chronic neck and back pain for many years, with the back pain never really going away.  After seeing Dr. Peterson on a regular basis for nine weeks, my back pain is gone.  I feel 100% better.  I have recommended him to many friends and acquaintances.
L.C. – Age 58    

When I first came to Dr. Peterson I had such pain between my shoulder blades.  I could only lay on my back and I was waking up several times during the night.  Now I sleep all night plus I sleep on my right and left side as well.  Before coming to see Dr. Peterson, my allergies were so bad.  I could not breathe through my nose.  I also took Benadryl 1-2 times a day.  Since coming to the Chiropractor I rarely have to take Benadryl at all.
S.D. – Age 67    

For years I had daily headaches ranging from severe migraines to just being they’re making my day miserable.  Barely a day went by that I would not take Imitrex (migraine prescription), Excedrin Migraine or Tylenol.  I usually woke up with headaches, which would make dragging myself out of bed and going to work a real chore.  I am a Financial Specialist so it is really difficult going to work everyday working with numbers and computer spreadsheets with a headache.  If I got rid of the headache during the day, I was afraid to go to bed at night because I knew in the morning I would wake up with another headache.  We had a hard time planning any family time together because we usually had to wait and see how I would feel in the morning.  I seemed to try everything.  Numerous doctors, neurologists, the pain clinic, massage therapy and chiropractors.  Nothing seemed to help.  In November of 2002 I noticed Dr. Peterson’s ad in the newspaper explaining his care program.  I thought, “I’ve tried everything else, this may help.”  At my initial visit Dr. Peterson went over my history extensively, took X-rays and ran tests.  After reviewing all this he seemed pretty optimistic that he would be able to help me.  I left his office with some hope of maybe having some headache free weeks.  I got home and explained everything to my husband.  His comment was, “Don’t get too excited just yet, no one else has been able to help you.”   I started my care program with weekly visits.  After a couple of weeks my headaches seemed to be less.  I would actually wake up some days without a headache.  That makes your whole outlook during the day different.  I still had some rough days but the good days were far more than the rough days.  After about three and half months of my care program I hardly have a headache.  I can’t remember the last time I had to take medication for a headache.  I actually look forward to getting up in the morning and starting my day.  I am grateful that I took a chance on Dr. Peterson.  He along with his staff is very caring and actually concerned that you should not have to go through life feeling miserable.
J.G. – Age 42    

Since I’ve been seeing Dr. Peterson, I feel like a totally different person.  I have arthritic problems but the range of motion I now have in my neck is unbelievable.  The pain is gone from there and from my shoulder.  I also have a weak back due to surgeries.   I now have much less discomfort than I’ve ever had before.  I have gone to several other chiropractors but none have come close to matching Dr. Peterson.
J.J. – Age 62  

I had neck and back problems for years and a few months ago I started seeing Dr. Peterson.   In that short period of time I have seen improvements and will continue to do so.  If Dr. Peterson feels he can’t help you he will tell you so.  He is a very caring person.
B.L. – Age 60    

After only four adjustments my bowling score reflected my improved motion.  Previously I was only able to carry an average of 103.  Some games only amounted to 84, 92 or 98.  The last sets of scores were 130, 116 and 124!   Now my average is 113, which is ten pins higher.   Who knows where my score will be after the healing is completed.   All I know is 300 is the limit!
A.O. – Age 34    

I am working as a waitress and that requires a lot of walking.  When I first came to Simply Chiropractic I thought I might have to quit work as I was having so many problems with my feet.  Also my energy level was not good.   Since starting my care plan I am feeling so much better that I am sure that I can continue working a few more years.  This is a job that I love and would dearly love to keep working as long as possible.   Also since seeing Doctor Peterson my shoulders and neck greatly improved.  I can turn my head without strain now.  I really recommend people to try Simply Chiropractic.
D.P. – Age 68    

Before I came to see Dr. Peterson I could not stand up long enough to do dishes, vacuum, or mop floors without sitting down in between.  I could not walk even half a block.  I can now walk more, do dishes, mow, vacuum etc. without sitting down.  I don’t feel so foolish now.  Before when I went shopping I always had to find a place to sit down every few steps I took.  I wish I had seen Dr. Peterson sooner instead of waiting so long.  I would highly recommend anyone to see him.
M.S. – Age 70    

For the last few months that I’ve been coming to Dr. Peterson, I’ve noticed that I feel much better and am able to work without so much pain.  Dr. Peterson has taken a lot of interest in my special problems.
D.W. – Age 52    

I was having pain in my lower back, stomach and legs for several months.  It got so bad that I couldn’t get out of bed without my husband pulling me up.  The pain was awful.  I had seen several doctors and I have had many tests run which didn’t help find the cause of my pain.  My pain is much better now and my nerves and muscles have improved.  I’m glad I saw Doctor Peterson’s newspaper ad and decided to try him.  I am feeling so much better.  I am now able to do my housework and shopping once again.  Thank you Doctor Peterson for your concern, care, and for getting me back on my feet.
P.R. – Age 73    

When I first came in it was very hard to sit, lie down, and even walk.  I had no comfortable way to do anything.  I would also get headaches.    From the few visits I could already see improvements.  Now after about 10 visits I’m about 90% pain free.  Since I have been coming in I can bend over and pick up things and my golf game has improved.  I have more energy to do the things I want to do. 
V.D. – Age 38    

Before I started my treatments with Doctor Peterson my back, shoulders and neck hurt.  At times I would have a burning sensation in the center of my back.   At night my legs would ache.  I wouldn’t know where to put them to lay comfortable.  My hands hurt and ached, they would feel like they were numb.  My condition has improved since seeing Doctor Peterson.  I don’t have the aches in my body like I did before.   Also the burning isn’t there anymore.  I feel better then I have for a long time.   My energy came back so I can do my flower and vegetable gardens.  I can do my housework much easier.  I’m 80 years old and can again cook a big meal for my family.  I feel wonderful and feel that God has given me more time to enjoy life with Doctor Peterson’s treatments.
M.R. – Age 80    

I have had three back surgeries and one knee replacement.  I couldn’t lay, stand or sit for long times.  Both feet were numb.  I had poor circulation in both legs and walked with a cane.  After four weeks of chiropractic care I am able to walk around the house without a cane, go up and down stairs and went shopping for the first time in three years.  I am able to sleep at night with no pain.  I am waiting for the ice and snow to melt so I can get out and walk again.  I wish I had come in sooner.
G.C. – Age 75  

Before seeing Doctor Peterson I would get up in the mornings and have to use a cane to get to the bathroom.  I could only walk about half of the way back and would have to sit down.  At the age of 84 I can now get up and walk without any problems most of the time.  I feel and get around much better since coming to Simply Chiropractic.
E.R. – Age 84    

Before I came to Simply Chiropractic, I had back and foot pain which limited my movement.  It was hard to go up stairs and I didn’t sleep very well.  With the care I have received here, my back and feet have improved very much, and I feel so much more able to move without pain.  I now sleep a lot better and it is easier to go up stairs.
O.H. – Age 75    

Approximately 3 months ago I read in the newspaper testimonies of several people who were patients of Dr. Peterson of Simply Chiropractic.  What caught my eye was the testimony that Dr. Peterson could help people with arthritis.  At that time I was dealing with a lot of pain in my joints – elbows, hips and knees.  I was not looking forward to being on prescription drugs or over-the-counter meds to deal with this pain and the side affects that they could cause.  I wasn’t sure he could help me- so I prayed about it and with my husband’s encouragement went ahead with the treatment.  It was truly a miracle.  I made an appointment to see Dr. Peterson and he took an x-ray and showed me the condition of my spine and said he thought he could help me.  Now 3 months down the road my joints are 95% pain free.  When I started the program I was also depressed and lacked energy.  After being treated for a short time I woke up one morning and realized that my depression was gone and I had so much more energy.  I am a different person.  My husband asked me what I was taking.   I am so very thankful that I followed through with Dr. Peterson’s program, as my quality of life is so much better.  Everyone on his staff is so nice and very helpful.  Also, his treatments are very gentle.  I highly recommend “Simply Chiropractic.”
C.K. – Age 64    

Before starting chiropractic, my feet hurt a lot of the time.  I had headaches and my shoulders, hips and legs hurt. I would get cramps in my legs that would raise me out of a chair. Climbing stairs was a real chore and I slept horribly at night.  Now my feet don’t hurt very often. I can take longer steps and do stairs much better. I rarely have headaches now and my shoulder hurts much less. There are no more leg cramps and I sleep longer at night.  It is easier to smile and I have more energy than before.
M.M. – Age 69  

I started seeing Dr. Peterson because of neck and shoulder pain. While talking with him I mentioned there was pain and tingling in my elbow that went down into my hands.  I was going to see an orthopedic surgeon about this.  Dr. Peterson asked how my appointment went.  I told him they wanted to insert needles into my arms and give me electric shock waves to check the nerves in my arm.  Instead of this, I would have him try working with my elbow.  After a couple of weeks of adjustments, my elbow pain and tingling into my hand are now little to none at all.  I’ve also had Restless Leg Syndrome for many years. The last few months I wasn’t sleeping much at all and my pills weren’t even working.  But just after the first week of adjustments I was sleeping through the night and every night since.  I’ve never felt better.  Being pain free is the best.  If you have any doubts give it a try, you might just be surprised.
K.P. – Age 42    

My husband had begun seeing Dr. Peterson so we both attended an orientation meeting. I had a few serious complaints such as numbing in the fingers of my right hand, extremely sore spine and bones in my feet that seemed to get scrambled, but I had not planned on being treated. I simply accepted the pain as a part of the aging process.  After reading results of some research presented at the meeting, I decided to check out the possibility of treatment.  I had no idea that many heart; lung and other major health problems begin with nerve and spinal abnormalities.  Going through a specific treatment plan has been an amazing adventure of returned health. The numbness in my hand is almost totally gone already, and so many problems I had merely accepted before as “aging” are disappearing rapidly.  The ability to easily turn my head again, no back pain from sleeping, total relief from upper back pressure and no need to use a pillow to cushion my spine when I sit in a chair and just a few examples of my progress in less than two months.  I now have no pain in my hip and those “sore” feet that I had blamed on wearing certain shoes are gone.  There are logical explanations for the quick results of the treatment but the key is that you need to have a doctor who recognizes the problems and is able to correct them.  Dr. Peterson is doing that!
K.S. – Age 57    

In late February 2002 I decided I wanted to get in shape and was tired of feeling tired!  After a week of working out, I re-injured a knee.  In the process of diagnosing my problem, the doctor discovered I had fallen arches, which had thrown my whole body out of whack.  The orthopedic surgeon doctoring for my knee was just as concerned about my back and sciatic nerve problems because they had been giving me lots of problems on and off for 6-7 years.  While recovering from knee surgery, I was also getting cortisone injections in my back but after 6 months they had worn off and I was in as bad or worse shape than before.  In January, I was really discouraged and when I saw the ad in the paper I was desperate for relief.  Dr. Peterson’s approach to gentle pressure chiropractic adjustment was different than anything I had ever received before.  After going through his prescribed program I am so enjoying being able to move around and do things I have not been able to do for a few years now.  So far this spring, I have been able to do some yard work, something I haven’t been able to do for a couple of years.  I can now get down on my knees and do some bending for my spring-cleaning without my back and leg hurting.  I am so thankful for God’s healing and for using Dr. Peterson as the instrument.  Dr. Peterson’s gentleness, kindness and sensitivity to my situation (and others too) have been a great blessing.  Another blessing is the great staff in the office.  They are so sweet and attentive and it has been the best doctoring experience I’ve ever had. 
E.S. – Age 56    

My last back surgery was June 2000 and I was given Vioxx 25 to take, as I needed.  I took Vioxx 25 for 20 months and I become dependant.  I tried several times to stop taking them.  First day, second day, third day I hardly could move because all my joints were hurting.  In May I finally decided to get rid of the pain pills because it’s just a cover-up on the original problem.  I have been off Vioxx 25 for over a month.  I am walking as much as possible.  I try to not take my crutch and cane, my third leg, but I always have them in the car.  I can say that being off the pain pills, is the greatest thing I could have decided.  I think that Dr. Peterson has helped me.  There was a time I was asking for pills because I didn’t know any other way.  But now I know, come here, get my treatment, and eventually hope to be off all pills- even my blood pressure pills.  I do sleep better.  Last night I slept 5 ½ hours, which is tremendous.  I used to get by on 2-3 hours.  I would work and put in a full day at a stressful job.  I am enjoying sleep now.  Off the pills and getting more sleep at night, this is how Dr. Peterson has helped me.
M.Z. – Age 68    

The main reason I started coming to Dr. Peterson was for help with headaches and constant tension at the base of my head and neck.  I also was having some problems with my right shoulder.  It was “normal” for me to have headaches almost daily to some degree with some severe migraines on occasion.  Since coming to Dr. Peterson, I have noticed that there is much less tension in my neck, and I haven’t had the headaches like before.  Also, my shoulder feels fine again. The lack of headaches and neck tension is wonderful!  As a result of the improvement in the tension and headaches, I just feel better.  I have more energy, and I most definitely wake up feeling better.  Also, the special cervical support pillow has made a difference in how I feel when I wake up.
C.A. – Age 33    

I have had four surgeries in 10 months on my legs.  I could not bend my ankle or toes on my right foot and the bottom of my feet were numb.  I also had spasms under my rib cage.  I can now bend my ankle freely and my toes are getting the feeling back in them. The numbness is almost gone on the bottoms of my feet.  I have very few spasms since I started treatments.  I sleep better at night and have more energy.
M.C. – Age 75    

After having back surgery about 4 or 5 months ago, I was still having a lot of pain in my back and above the left knee.  I saw Dr. Peterson’s ad and thought I would try anything!  After just a few treatments the pain has let up a lot.  I would recommend Simply Chiropractic to anyone.
D.F. – Age 78    

Before I started chiropractic with Dr. Peterson, my life was different.  All my life I have been bed-wetting.  I went to many doctors to find out a solution to my problem, but no doctor could find out what was wrong with me.  After a month of consistent treatment with Dr. Peterson my bed-wetting problem began to fade away before my eyes.  I now feel more confident in staying over night at my friend’s houses! Name and Age Withheld to protect minor     Before starting chiropractic, I couldn’t stand straight, tie my shoes or put my socks on and could hardly stand to put my pants on.  I could hardly get in and out of my car.  I had to sit on the seat and painfully pull my legs into the car.  Although I still have some pain, I can do all the above quite easily.  I now stand one and a half inches taller, the height I used to be.  I have more energy and feel up to doing all those little things I’ve put off this last year.  I thought I’d have to give up my job but now I handle it quite well.
D.K. – Age 59    

I had major migraine headaches.  I was taking a lot of prescription medication and feeling tired all the time.  My headaches have improved so much.  I’m not “drugged out” with medication.  It is so nice not to wake up feeling horrible.  I’m an in-home childcare provider.  I have so much energy for the kids.  My own family has benefited also.  I do not need to lay down all the time.  My energy has increased so much.  It’s wonderful!
J.M. – Age 31    

In 1948 I was told I had a back curvature.  My back really hurt during my three pregnancies (1955, 1956 and 1965).  Upon standing for periods of time, it would hurt between my shoulders and lower back and had sciatic pain in my left side.   Later both hips would hurt.  There was a time when I couldn’t lie on my back.  I feel so much better receiving Dr. Peterson’s treatments.  I have no hip pain and occasional sciatic pain.  If I do strain my back it goes away in a day or two.  I am able to do more gardening and mowing the grass is less difficult. 
Identity private

Before coming to Dr. Peterson, I felt old and my head felt heavy.   I couldn’t turn my head to the right (without shooting pains).  My right hand would fall asleep (without over use or abuse).  Bending to pick up anything was very stiff and I couldn’t stretch at all.  I was noticing an overall lack of strength and my ears were plugged constantly (instead of occasionally).  My asthma was acting up daily making it hard to breathe which was very unusual.  Now I am feeling my age (or younger) again.  The first few treatments cleared up my plugged ears (my nose ran for two days!) and cleared out my system and my breathing was greatly improved as well.  After the 1st month, I started having doubts though for it seemed I was more sore after adjustments and had muscle “zaps”, but I stuck it out (realizing things were being “shifted” back to correct positions)…or hoping, anyway.   And now I have movement in my neck and my head no longer feels “too heavy” anymore.  My strength has greatly improved and my hand usually falls asleep only after “over use” instead of just out of the blue.  My ears have stayed unplugged and my asthma attacks are few and far between.  I still have some neck stiffness but I am not incapacitated by it anymore.  Plus since the stress I placed on those muscles took over twenty years to get there, I am optimistic in my progress and feel it can only keep getting better.  I am not as tired as I used to be and I am not all stiff after sleeping.  I recommend Dr. Peterson’s office to anyone with complaints to me about their stiffness or similar problems.  Also I would like you to know that the staff is a great asset to this office.
J.S. – Age 47    

I was a nurse’s aide for 17 years doing a job I dearly loved.  I hurt my back at work on August 11, 1987.   That ended my job.  Oh, I did light duty for a while until my doctor at the spine center said NO MORE!!  I went to medical doctors and a local chiropractor for about 15 years but my back kept getting worse.  I had to give up everything, camping, dancing, my flowers, and lots of my housework- we hired someone to help me.  I was beginning to feel that I didn’t have much to live for anymore besides my family.  It was even hard to cook a meal.   Then a miracle happened.  I saw Dr. Peterson’s ad in the paper and I said, why not?  I don’t have anything to loose.  I have never met or even laid eyes on this man before.  But after the 2nd adjustment I felt better.  After 2 weeks I have absolutely no pain!!  A little discomfort as of this writing and that is it.  I have no pain in my legs and feet.  I can bound down our basement steps like I could 20 years ago.  Now I can cook a meal without sitting on ice 2 or 3 times while the meal is cooking.  I can do more of my housekeeping, and my recreation will consist of more than ceramics and bingo.  Hopefully I can go to the mall and shop.  For years now I have shopped only for what I had to because I was in such pain.  I didn’t even get my family Christmas or birthday gifts because I couldn’t shop or wrap them either.  Now I have lots to smile about and plenty to look forward to in this life.  I told Dr. Peterson last week that I thought he had God’s healing hands.  I feel so blessed now.  I can’t help but feel God knew my pain was so real even though a lot of other people never realized it was so bad.  I know it was God who made me see that paper and headed me in the right direction.  Anybody reading this you has nothing to lose and everything to gain by giving this a try.  Think of your body feeling years younger and healthier.  You will be so glad you did.
B.W. – Age 70    

The reason I came to Doctor Peterson, I had been having problems with sciatica for over 10 years and though I had gone through physical therapy I was not able to get over it.  I also had been experiencing a lot of problems with my feet, plantar fascitis, bursitis in the hips and other back problems.  After receiving treatment, the sciatica is much improved, the bursitis in the hips the rest of my back is much improved and my feet are also much improved.  It has been such a relief to be free from the pain of bursitis, sciatica and plantar fascitis.  Now I am able to get out of the bed and also out of my chair without experiencing a lot of pain.  Because we enjoy traveling, it is making our trips much more enjoyable as I am able to sit for a period of time without experiencing a lot of pain in my back and leg.  Overall I am feeling much better, as a lot of my pain was stemming from my spine and pinched nerves.  Doctor Peterson has surrounded himself with a wonderful staff, they make you feel like “the family” is treating you. Thank you very much for all your kindnesses.
M.E. – Age 66    

Before learning about Simply Chiropractic I had severe back pain for many years.  I have been to several other chiropractors without any help.  A friend suggested Simply chiropractic because she had been helped so much.  After three or four treatments I noticed that I was having less pain.  I still have pain in the morning but that has diminished a great deal.  I feel now that I have improved about 80 to 90 percent.  I will certainly suggest Doctor Peterson to anyone suffering from severe back pain.  My sincere thanks to Doctor Peterson for all that he has done for me.
J.S. – Age 81    

I had been having back trouble since I was a young man.  As I got older the pain was getting worse.  The pain was not only in my back but had spread to my neck and hip.  I would wake up every morning with back and neck pain, and I would also have a headache every morning.  No matter how many pills I would take the headache would come back.  I can’t believe how much better I feel.  I wake up in the morning with little or no pain and no headache!  It’s amazing this happed right away after my first couple of appointments.  No headaches it’s amazing, and my back and neck move so much better and with little or no pain.  It’s Great!  Believe me this is the best I’ve felt since I was a very young man.  Everything about my life has changed for the best!  I wake up felling great and have lots of energy throughout the day.  It’s amazing what coming to Simply Chiropractic has done for me.  I can work through the day and I have plenty of energy left to play with my kids when I get home.  Something I couldn’t do before.
B.H. – Age 43    

In February of this year I had surgery for a bulging disc.  I’m thinking if I had started here a year ago, my back would be fine.  I had stiffness in my back and my left arm was falling asleep, most of it is gone since I started seeing Doctor Peterson. .  I now sleep better, relax better and even have more energy despite the surgery.
D.W. – Age 58    

I was having health problems.  My back was hurting and I was so out of breath I couldn’t walk very far.  I couldn’t do dishes or prepare a meal without resting every few minutes. Then I saw an article in the paper about a lady with the exact symptoms and she had been helped by Doctor Peterson.  So I thought it would be worth a try.  I began going for treatments and before long I was beginning to feel better.  Now after several months of treatments I’m feeling much better.   I can walk farther without a problem and am not short of breath.  I’m very happy that I made the decision to try Doctor Peterson.
V.T. – Age 82    

Before coming to Simply Chiropractic my neck hurt really bad and made grinding sounds when I moved.  Since seeing Doctor Peterson there is no more grinding sounds and my neck does not hurt when I move it.  I am more flexible when I pitch and everything else I do. Name and age withheld to protect minor.     Before beginning care at Simply Chiropractic I had low back pain at L5 and S1.  I had been previously diagnosed with a Type II Grade 3 Spondylolisthesis, almost a 4 (the worst rating).  Since beginning chiropractic care at simply chiropractic my Grade 3-4 Spondylolisthesis has returned to a Grade 1!  The pain I had in my arms has also disappeared.  Also, Dr Peterson recommended I purchase an inversion table for maintenance of my condition, which has been helpful.  With less pain I can certainly accomplish more and want to work more now.
R.E. – Age 53    

I was bed ridden with terrific pain in my lower back and hip down to my toes.  I entered the hospital the first part of July.  I came home and was still in pain.  I couldn’t stand, sit or walk for any length of time.  The doctors gave me three different cortisone shots in my back but did not help the pain.  My daughter suggested Dr. Peterson as he had helped her migraines.  I went to Dr. Peterson the first part of September and within three to four weeks I was able to walk.  I have a lot less pain and accomplish a lot of my activities that I was doing before…and drive the car.  Also, I am getting my energy back and being able to wake up and not have every bone in my low back and leg in pain.  I am really pleased that I have accomplished different things that I could not do for three months before.  I was unable to raise my leg to put my shoes on.  Now I am able to walk up and down stairs.  I also learned a lot in the back care class that I definitely should do.  I thank Dr. Peterson every day when I accomplish something I could do before this hospital stay.
R.V. – Age 76    

My first visit to Simply Chiropractic was February of 2006.  Some of my reasons for going to Simply Chiropractic were headaches, neck pain, hip pain, acid reflux, ears ringing and fluid in the inner ear, arthritis, sinus allergies, asthma and my eyes.  I have macular degeneration.  I am writing this on March 27th 2006 and my changes are unbelievable.  The treatments have helped every one of my ailments in such a short time. My headaches are gone, sinuses cleared, allergies and asthma improved, fluid in inner ear is gone, acid reflux is improved; sore spots in hips are gone.  I am usually sick starting end of Feb thru end of April with my respiratory problems.  I have not been sick so my immune system is working well.  My macular degeneration is only helped by laser surgery or else there isn’t help.  It is so wonderful to see some change.  Dr. Peterson has such a caring and serenity and belief in what he is doing.  I am now sleeping all night; I can’t remember the last time that happened.   I have more energy to get up and go and my attitude has improved.  Chiropractic definitely works!!
R.C. – Age 64    

My basic health was good when I started chiropractic, however I was having a good deal of discomfort while sitting at work in a vehicle etc. The pain went down my legs and was disrupting my sleep as well.   Since Chiropractic care the pain in my legs has all but disappeared.  I still have flare-ups but I just need to continue with my bi-weekly visits at the present time.  I am able to sleep more comfortably and feel more rested allowing me to be able to do my daily activities.  Sitting at work no longer causes leg pain and I can ride in a vehicle without being in pain the whole way.
A.S. – Age 58    

When I first started coming to Simply Chiropractic I couldn’t sit for more then about 20 minutes without pain.  Now my back isn’t as sore and I can now sit for long periods of time without pain.  I am able to help out with our sheep more and do my job better.  
S.B. – Age 22    

Before I started chiropractic care I would have headaches on a regular basis.  I also was very tired and would want to take naps every day.  I saw the testimonials in an ad for Simply Chiropractic and one of them sounded just like my situation.  Since I’ve started going to Simply Chiropractic my headaches are practically gone.  My energy has increased significantly which is great when raising young children.  My overall health seems to be improved.  My stress level has decreased since I don’t have to deal with the headaches leaving me with more energy to do things with my family, I want to go out and do more now.  It’s Great!
A.P. – Age 28    

I had lower back trouble and pain going down my leg.  I had to sit out of gym class and some of football practice.  Now that I’ve been coming to Simply Chiropractic I have improved a lot.  I don’t have lower back pain anymore and haven’t sat out a gym class or football practice since coming here. My football game has also improved.  I have been able to be more active during the day and sleep better at night.  I would recommend Simply Chiropractic to any one with back trouble. 
Minor - Name Private - Age 17    

Before starting my care at Simply Chiropractic I had middle and lower back pain.  I also had pain in my right thigh.  I am greatly improved now with no more discomfort in my leg or back and I have more ambition now.  It’s a pleasure to come to Simply Chiropractic, as Dr. Peterson is so kind and we love spending time with him, Mary is efficient and friendly.
A.F. – Age 80    

Before I started chiropractic care I had a hard time walking because my back hurt so bad.  Both my hands were real numb and I had severe headaches.  Since coming to Simply Chiropractic my headaches are just about gone and my hands aren’t as numb.  My lower back is getting a lot better and it doesn’t hurt nearly as bad as it did before.  I can turn my neck and back further then I have in years.  I’m not as crabby as I was and it is easier for me to get around now. My husband thinks my attitude has changed. 
T.B. – Age 58    

When I first came to Simply Chiropractic I was at the bottom of the barrel.  My back ached and my neck and shoulders were sore. I didn’t sleep good getting up many times during the night.  I also had bladder control problems.  My medical doctor said nothing could be done for my situation and had me taking and average of 2 to 3 darvocet a day for my pain.  I spoke with a patient from Simply Chiropractic and she told us how much she had been helped.  So I decided I didn’t have anything to loose by trying them out.  After 2 adjustments I was sleeping much better. I now go to sleep and wake up feeling rested.  My bladder control problems are much better.  I am now down to 1 darvocet per week.  I am so thankful for a place like Simply Chiropractic to go to, where I can get help for my pain and discomfort. I know I’ve gotten the best end with this deal.
R.B. – Age 93    

When I decided to start Chiropractic care I hurt all over and was told I had carpal tunnel.  I wore wrist splints for two years - full splints at night.  I couldn’t drive very far because my hands would be numb.  My hands were numb when I got up in the morning.  I kept saying I think its coming form my neck but the neurologist dismissed the thought.  Since my first visit at Simply Chiropractic I haven’t worn the splints.  Doctor Peterson said the problem was coming from my neck.  I now move easier and seldom take ibuporfen and no more muscle relaxers!  I have a lot more energy and stamina since chiropractic care.  My friends say, “You don’t look as tired.”  I can do more things with a lot less effort.  My big problem now is catching up on all those things I couldn’t do before coming into Simply Chiropractic.
J.S. – Age 65    

Before going to Simply Chiropractic my daughter was fussy in her car seat and always fidgeting, she looked very uncomfortable.  Since her care at Simply Chiropractic she has been comfortable and happy to travel – even long distances.
Name withheld to protect minor - Age 1 ½    

When I started going to Simply Chiropractic I had many health issues, I was on dialysis, felt dizzy, my left hip and right leg hurt to the point I could hardly walk. I couldn’t even unload my dishwasher without horrible pain in my hip.  I could not go shopping without being pushed in a wheelchair and I was using either a cane or a walker all the time.  My body ached all over.  I was introduced to the Pro-Adjuster at Simply Chiropractic.  I was assured that it was gentle and effective way to help me.  Well let me tell you my story, Within three months, I have no leg or hip pain and I can go shopping without a cane or a walker.  I went to 4 different stores the other day and still had energy.  My daughter was amazed, as she never thought she would see the day I could shop like I use to.  I had been taking sleeping pills for four years and have now stopped using them as I sleep all night long without them. Now that I have more energy can now cook and do my own house work.  When I have dialysis I use to bleed for and hour or more now I only bleed for 10 to 15 minutes, and my kidney function has improved greatly.  If you need help give the Doctors at Simply Chiropractic a try.  It really does work.
M.S. – Age 79     

I was diagnosed with migraines at age 2 and have suffered from them my entire life.  Lots of times I would wake up in the middle of the night with one so terrible I would be laid up for days and end up in the emergency room taking lots of meds to break them up.  I didn’t believe that chiropractic would help much in the beginning but decided to give it a chance.  Right away starting with the x-rays and the heat sensor test, I knew there was something to it.  No one had ever taken an X-ray before to see what was causing my headaches.  Since using  Chiropractic the last four months the number of severe headaches has dramatically reduced.  When I do get a migraine they last a shorter time and are less severe. I use very little medication now if any.  I sleep better and the muscles in my shoulders are a lot more relaxed.  I am very impressed with how much chiropractic has helped improve my Headaches and my general health.
T.H. – Age 23    

I have had Rheumatoid Arthritis for about 8 years and severe pains in my left shoulder for 6 years.  I have had muscle spasms on the right side of my back for many years that has given me a lot of discomfort.  Since being treated I have had significant improvement in my pain level for my rheumatoid Arthritis and in my left shoulder; the muscle spasms in my back are nowhere as severe as in the past.  With the vast improvements in my health condition do to the fine health care received at Simply Chiropractic, I have been able to play softball and other activities this summer.  I highly recommend anyone with various health problems to give Simply Chiropractic an opportunity to treat your health problem.  His assistant Mary is the nicest person and will be most helpful to every patient at Simply Chiropractic.
D.S. – Age 65    

I am a 56-year-old female and started chiropractic care when I was 11 years old.  My parents had sought medical treatment for me since I was 6 years old for a rash I had all over my body that caused me to itch constantly.  After a friend of my parents talked them into trying a Chiropractor, I began chiropractic care.  After about six months of treatment the rash and itching left and as long as I maintain my treatments, I do not have the problem.  I had a very stressful job for 35 years and have continued in chiropractic care every two weeks.  It has helped me tremendously and keeps my energy level high.  In June of 2005 I moved to Menomonie.  On June 12th 2005 I slipped and fell, I tore one of the quadriceps tendons from my left kneecap and also injured my tailbone.  My daughters Chiropractor referred simply Chiropractic to me from Eau Claire.  I had to have surgery to reattach the tendon on February 1, 2006.  After continued treatments my tailbone and left leg are doing much better and I feel my healing went much faster.  Doctor Peterson gave me confidence and was very caring. I plan to continue in treatment.
B.R. – Age 56    

Our baby was born on July 8, 2006.  He was delivered by C Section.  We brought Fisher into simply Chiropractic within two weeks of his birth.  He was adjusted for torticollis (severe neck spasms).  Since this is our first child we have no prior experience in baby care.  What we do know is Fisher is happy and healthy baby so far.  He only cry’s if he is tired, hungry, or needs a diaper change.  Our whole family is treated at Simply Chiropractic and plan to continue.  Both Doctor Peterson and Doctor Schemenauer are very caring, concerned doctors.  Their treatment helps us in every aspect of our health and life. Name Withheld     Our fourth baby was very colicky.  We had never had a baby with colic before so it was definitely a new experience when Addison showed signs of being colicky.  Since coming to Simply Chiropractic Addison has become the happy baby we knew she could be within a couple weeks of treatment.  It was so nice to se her happy and smiling instead of crying like she had been doing all of the time before.  It is much easier being a mom of four now that Addison is a happy 3-month-old baby.  I think it was difficult for the whole family when she was so sad in the beginning.  Now everyone enjoys her all the time.  I have had friends tell me that they can hardly believe she is the same baby.
Age 3 Months    

Before starting care at Simply Chiropractic Avery was fussy in her car seat always fidgeting and looked uncomfortable.  Since chiropractic care she has been comfortable and happy to travel now – even long distances.  Name Withheld - Age 1 ½ years     Pain is something you learn to live with when you have migraines for 40 years and fibromylagia for 20 years, arthritis, lower back pain, fatigue and lot of pain though out my body.  Dr. Peterson has totally improved the migraines with his care and treatment.  Waking up without a headache is wonderful.  My pain level has decreased also.  With his continued care I hope to remain this way.  It is easier to plan and go to events; I don’t cancel because of a headache any longer.  I would suggest for anyone to try the Pro-Adjuster for their health problems. Mary, his assistant, is the nicest person and always helpful.
K.S. – Age 62    

About a year and a half ago, I suddenly developed pain in my right hip.  I had been stepping up my exercise program and blamed it on a strain.  I consulted my doctor and he agreed and recommended ibuprofen.  Over the next few months, the condition remained constant-no better and no worse.  This continued until the spring of this year.  By that time, I had begun limping and my consumption of ibuprofen was up to 12 tablets a day.  A friend of mine had been coming to Simply Chiropractic and she persuaded me to start coming too.  Since I knew that she had had considerable difficulty with back pain, I was very curious to see what had improved her quality of life.  Also, by this time, it was becoming increasingly difficult for me to walk, and the pain had spread down my leg to my knee.  I had a constant burning pain in my groin muscles, and I often wasn’t able to sleep, so I had no energy and wasn’t able to accomplish much in a day other than my regular job.  After my first treatment I felt an immediate improvement, especially in the groin muscles.  I have continued to improve gradually with continued treatment.   Although I still have some pain, it is minor compared to what it was when I started with Simply Chiropractic.  I can go to bed at night knowing that I’ll be able to sleep and not have to be up and down dealing with pain.  I still have difficulty being on my feet for a long period of time, but I think this will improve in time too.  I wish I had started treatment sooner before my condition got as bad as it did.  It would have been easier to correct it at that point.  I would certainly recommend Simply Chiropractic.  My experience has been very positive, and I continued to see improvement both in my condition and my quality of life. 
D.N. – Age 60    

When I came to Simply Chiropractic I was in poor condition.  I had been seeing a different chiropractor at least once a month for a year.  I had just had a chiropractic appointment the day before my episode.  I woke up feeling fine, but about an hour after waking I had severe neck pain, a throbbing headache and nausea.  I could barely get out of bed.  I came  to Simply Chiropractic and that’s when I found out that the top vertebrae in my neck was not only shifted but rotated as well.  I also learned that I had no curve, almost a reverse curve, in my neck. Before I started going to Simply Chiropractic I had dizzy spells on a constant basis as well as fainting.  Most of the time these fainting spells would occur in very awkward places like in the shower or on the stairs.  It was a very scary situation.  Since coming to Simply Chiropractic, I have not had a fainting spell or a dizzy sensation.  My neck feels more secure along with the rest of my body.  No more passing out in the shower or not being able to sleep because of severe neck pain.  Although I sometimes get headaches and lower back pain, my overall health and well being is in much better condition.  I am a college student so I could not afford to have fainting spells once a week or not get enough sleep.  Since starting my care at Simply Chiropractic I am able to concentrate and perform better at school.  It has also made me more health conscious, so I try to eat better and participate in exercise activities like rock climbing and walking.  I have more energy throughout the day and associate better with my peers and family members.
M.W. - Age 19    

I could not walk without experiencing pain in my right hip area and felt that I might have to use a cane soon, but after receiving chiropractic care from Simply Chiropractic, I am not having any pain and am nearly as good as new.  After working outside and I am having muscle aches, I sit in my robotic chair for 15 minutes.  I feel energized and can go back to my outside chores instead of lying down and taking a nap like I would normally had done before.  It is the best thing I have purchased for myself and would not trade it for anything.
H.H. - Age 72

I shattered a bone in the middle of my back the T12 vertebra.  It was surgically reconstructed - I had it fused above and below with metal rods, screws and wires.  I had headaches, mood swings, aching lower back, couldn’t get out of bed well in the mornings, couldn’t sleep at night, had tingling and pinching in my back and arms.  Since coming to Simply Chiropractic for care, I sleep very well, no more tingling or pinching in my arms or back, I get out of bed without any problem and get a good nights sleep.  Now that I get a good nights rest I’m a lot happier person, I can actually move around like before my accident.  My feet, back, neck, and shoulders feel great!!  I drive a racecar, I would get stiff and sore after racing, since chiropractic care I no longer have any problems.  I have more energy and am in a  better mood at home and work.  I like golfing but could never swing the club without feeling stiff, since chiropractic care I can swing a club with ease and comfort.  It is absolutely amazing what this has done for me.  I would suggest Simply Chiropractic to anyone, hurt or not!!
S.T. – Age 33  

Before starting Chiropractic with Doctor Peterson, I had severe lower back pain extending down into both legs.  My left foot was numb up past the ankle.  Pain so severe I was unable to stand straight, or do any housework.  I took massive doses of pain-killers (over the counter) but still felt the pain.  Since starting chiropractic care my left foot has about 50% of the feeling back.  I can now stand erect, get in and out of bed, and into the shower pain free.  I am now able to do most of my own housework, go up and down stairs-not easily but can do.  After 7 adjustments life is much better.
R.K. – Age 73    

When I started seeing Doctor Peterson, I was afraid of losing my mobility.  Unfortunately I already had.  My lower back and left hip hurt most of the time and the pain was beginning to go down into my feet.  It hurt to walk, stand or lay down.   From the first adjustment I noticed a significant sense of release in my neck, middle of my back and lower back.  As time progressed the pain lessened.  My goal was just to be able to walk again and get relief from the constant pain.    Much to my surprise there were additional benefits that I did not imagine.  My jaw was out of alignment.  I had a lot of discomfort from grinding my teeth.  After my jaw aligned, the tension in my jaw has all but disappeared and my headaches are a tenth of what they were.  My breathing and lung capacity has improved.  I also never realized how much I couldn’t move my neck until Doctor Peterson got it moving.  It felt like a solid piece of concrete but now I can turn and look behind me.  Another benefit that has really helped me was Doctor Peterson taking the time go give his back care class.  I learned a lot that has enabled me to keep gaining strength and feel the confidence to be physically active.  Above all he has taught me patience and perseverance.  I am grateful for his services. 
C.B. – Age 46    

I had a back fusion at the age of 14 on L5 to S1.  For six months after surgery I wore a brace that wrapped around my torso and continued down my right leg.  The brace pushed my shoulders forward, which caused a lot of pain.  It was very hard to sit all day through school.    My writing hand and arm were numb and I had constant pain in my neck.   It was even uncomfortable to sleep at night.  I needed to find something to help.  I started chiropractic care with Doctor Peterson one year ago.  I stopped sleeping on my stomach and now sleep on my back, as Doctor Peterson had told me to.  The adjustments really started to help the pain.  My shoulder and arm began to feel better.  I can now have a good night sleep and wake up feeling rested.  Now I can go to see sporting events, a movie and other things not sitting in pain.  As a student, I can sit through days without pain and can focus more on my work.  Since I am feeling better I am more apt to exercise and to more things.  Doctor Peterson has changed my life for the better.   I am so grateful l have a body that feels good and ready to take on the next day.
B.J. – Age 18        

In five years I had seen three Chiropractors, two physical therapists and had five cortisone injections.   The next step seemed to be back surgery.  I came to Doctor Peterson as a “Last Chance” before surgery.    I saw immediate improvement.  I was able to stop taking 8 extra-strength Tylenol each day.  My energy level increased.  Within 30 days I was able to stand up straighter without sciatic pain.  I had not been able to do so for over a year.   My friends and relatives are amazed by my improvements due to Doctor Petersons care.  In addition, it is a pleasure to visit Simply Chiropractic because of the positive attitude everyone has!  My rheumatologist is pleased with how my body is responding to Doctor Peterson’s treatment as well.
L.R. – Age 54    

Before starting Chiropractic I had lower back pain.  It hurt when I sat to long or when standing to long.  I had this problem for years before I came to Doctor Peterson.    Since seeing Doctor Peterson I can walk straighter, sit straighter, walk a little better, and bend my knees.  I still have a problem sitting to long of a time as when I get up it hurts some yet.  I also have more energy since coming to Simply Chiropractic.
L.S. – Age 71    

Before starting Chiropractic care my health was BAD.  Now I have less pain and more energy.  I sleep better and work more, thanks to Chiropractic care.
D.S. – Age 61    

Before starting Chiropractic care with Doctor Peterson I had a constant dull ache in my shoulder and back area that bothered me a lot while sitting in a chair or riding in the car.  I am so glad I came to see Doctor Peterson.  After one month of treatment I was feeling 95% better and am now Pain Free.
S.V. – Age 32    

Before starting Chiropractic care I was tired and had migraines.  Since starting to see Doctor Peterson my headaches have improved and I am not as tired.  My arm does not hurt as bad as it did before I started seeing Doctor Peterson.  I also have more energy now.
L.W. – Age 40    

I’ve always had neck and lower back problems.  My lower back would get misaligned quite frequently which would require a chiropractic adjustment.  The sciatic nerve caused my leg to be in constant pain, so I had surgery in 1987 to relieve the swollen herniated disk.  I also frequently had headaches, which would last for a week at a time.  Since coming to Doctor Peterson my lower back, neck and shoulders are much stronger. I can take long walks without tiring since coming to Simply Chiropractic.   If I get a headache, it only lasts for a day, I can now do monthly maintenance adjustments that keep me healthy. Name and Age Withheld     Before starting chiropractic care my neck and shoulders were in pain.  I constantly had headaches.  I was tired all the time even when I felt I slept well through the night.   I felt I was always moody especially towards my son.  It was harder to smile because I was in pain.  I have not had one headache since starting my treatment at Simply Chiropractic.  It feels good not to have to take medicine for headaches.  My back and neck feel better along with my shoulders they aren’t in pain constantly like before.  Since seeing Doctor Peterson I feel like I have more energy, it feels good not to be tired all the time.   I am able to do more with my son because I am not in pain all the time.  I am not as moody therefore I get along with my son along my boyfriend because I’m not crabby with them.  This is definitely a better way to live my life not in pain and not tired all the time and I smile more.
T.W. – Age 25    

Before seeing Doctor Peterson I wasn’t walking good and my lower back was bad.  I had no energy.  Since coming to Simply Chiropractic I have been sleeping better.  People tell me that I am walking better.  I have some bad days yet with my lower back.  I have more energy and really like doing more things.  I am happy with the results so far.
D.B. – Age 80    

I was having headaches so bad all I could was lie down and hope to fall asleep.  Part way through my care plan my headaches drastically reduced not only in intensity but not as frequent as well.  My kids are happier with me because I’m so much less irritated.    So quality of time is so much better.
W.K. – Age 35      

For people who live in constant pain over an extended period of time, it begins to affect every area of their existence.  For me it created violent mood swings, anti-social attitude, blackouts, and almost destroyed my dreams.  My husband and I were in an automobile crash of the T-Bone variety.  I took most of the impact into my back and for a while didn’t realize the damage that had occurred.  Then came the sleepless nights, no appetite, headaches that no over the counter medication could ease, and the ever-increasing pain.  We were directed to a chiropractor at the request of our insurance representative, and I began treatments.  They were horrible, causing more pain than the actual injury, so I quit going.  I tried to work jobs while injured, and most of them ended up with me quitting out of frustration or getting fired because I couldn’t perform to standards.  So over the next 11 years I did what I could as far as employment went, but only if I was having a good day.  During that time, the people in my life had to put up with me, and it wasn’t pretty at times.  I can even recall some occasions where I lashed out and made my daughter cry.  I only have her, having more children is not an option for me.  She is the one chance that I have to be a good parent, and this is what drove me to find relief and healing.  In the fall of 2002 I saw an ad of Dr. Peterson’s and something told me go and let him try!  Dr. Peterson was willing to try because he believed he could help me, so I began.  We saw immediate results in some areas, which resulted in my attitude and personality going back to its pre-accident self.  I SMILED and LAUGHED, that had been missing far to long!  We were making progress in other areas when our insurance ran out.  I am not the type of person who can sleep at night knowing there is a person I owe.  So I stopped going!  My newfound condition only lasted 3 week before I was sliding back into the old me.  I am extremely stubborn, so I held out until May of 2003.  Something went horribly wrong in my neck and I was in four times as much pain as I ever had been, and I couldn’t move under my own power.  My husband got me to the recliner, and my daughter helped me move around when needed.  For three days I sat there crying in unstoppable pain.  One night I thought I was feeling better so I went to lay on the bed, the pain overcame me and I was unable to move anything but my arms.  My husband drug me up to my feet, I couldn’t even hold my head up so it flopped back the whole time.  Several time during this agony I felt I should get myself to the emergency room.  Odd as this is, I do everything in my power to avoid them usually!  Finally I called Simply Chiropractic and asked if I could come back for treatment.  As I spoke tears were running down my face and I could hardly stand to even breath.  They took me back; it has been a really long road to regain the progress that we had made.  I am the equivalent of a train wreck Dr. Peterson once teased me. On a more serious note, he got me (finally) to understand that if I didn’t take a year off for healing, that I was going to be crippled by the time I was in my 40’s.  To any normal person that is a scary thing to hear, but to a horse person it is a catastrophe!  I once tried to sneak in a small ride; I almost passed out and fell off.  Okay, I did point out that I am extremely stubborn, but I am smart as well because I haven’t tried that again.  In the spring of 2004 I will resume horseback riding, but until then I will have to be content in giving riding lessons.  I am still smiling; I have a position on an ambulance service as an EMT-B.   My daughter, husband and the rest of my family enjoy being with me.  The amount of pain that I deal with is easily controlled through patience and an occasional over the counter medication.  I am walking proof of how Chiropractic care can alter a person’s life in a positive way.  Thank you Dr. Peterson, no amount of money could ever repay you for what you have given me back…
A.O. – Age 36    

Before starting Chiropractic care with Doctor Peterson I had severe lower back pain and pain down the back of my leg.  I could not sit, stand or hardly walk.  The only relief was lying down.  Had to take off work because I could not stand long enough to perform my job.  I could not twist or bend down.  Since coming to Doctor Peterson I have no pain.  I’m able to move freely and do everything I like to do.  My posture has improved greatly and my outlook on things has been amazing.  I’m back.  Back to my old self again.  My personal life is much improved.  I’m more open minded and more patient than before.  I am glad to be back to work.  I love meeting and talking to people, and the amount of energy I have again helps in the amount of hours I work.  It’s great to feel good again.  Thank you Doctor Peterson.
J.S. – Age 45    

I had pain in my lower back due to two falls I had.  I also had pain and stiffness in my neck to the point I could not turn my head to the left without turning my whole body.  After several treatments with Doctor Peterson I was able to turn my head to the left but still had some pain.  Now I can turn my head from left to right without any pain or problems, and my back is also much better.  I feel so much better since seeing Doctor Peterson, I have more energy and at the same time I am much more calm and relaxed.
J.M. – Age 72    

I had back surgery in 1995 and was recovering slowly with much stiffness in my back.  In 1998 I was bed ridden with two more disc problems showing on the MRI.  I rested and had no surgery, but the problem was always there.  I lived with the problem that could mean surgery someday.   After reading Doctor Peterson’s ad, I said what the heck and gave him a try.  After some treatment the pain and stiffness started to go away.  I feel a lot less pain and stiffness.  I go back for an adjustment and Doc can put it right because the major stiffness is not longer felt.  I can now put in a full day of work 12 to 14 hours without feeling worn out.  I even have some energy left for my family.
D.U. – Age 51    

Before seeing Doctor Peterson I had a sore back and neck, plus lots of headaches.  Since coming to Simply Chiropractic I get around better with less soreness and I am more limber. I also have fewer headaches at night. 
D.H. – Age 32    

I was having chronic headaches on a weekly basis.  Before I came to see Doctor Peterson, I would get a severe headache three to four times a week.  My head would throb and the pain would radiate down through my neck and shoulders.  I no longer have headaches.  I notice that the pain has completely subsided and I may get one to two headaches a month, if even that often.  My neck and shoulders are also a lot less tense and my whole body feels much more relaxed.  I feel better in general and seem to bounce back more quickly from strenuous workouts.  I have also noticed that I haven’t been sick nearly as often as before. As a teacher that means a lot to me.  I never believed in Chiropractic before I came here, but I would recommend Doctor Peterson to anyone!
S.K. – Age 26    

I was a forty seven year old woman who worked on the farm all my life, and unfortunately I had many chronic aches in my back, legs, and neck.  I seemed to always be in pain somewhere in my body.  I had gone to other Chiropractors and even Medical doctors but they never gave me any real cures to my problems.  Cover-ups, but not getting to the root cause of problems.  I was getting desperate for answers.  I never was a pill popper, so I wasn’t going to go that route.  After the initial care of Doctor Peterson in July of 2002, I totally was relieved of the constant pains in my body, I could turn my head without the catch in it, and I could carry bags of groceries without hurting all over.  I learned how to do work more properly without stressing my spine, and avoiding some of the things that got me in trouble.  I can wake up in the morning refreshed and not worn out from chronic pain.  I’ve got energy that I didn’t know I had.  Doctor Peterson has given me a whole new chance at live that I didn’t know could happen.  In the last 10 years, I’ve been searching for better ways to take care of my body, from the foods, to everything we do to our bodies, and since coming here, he has given us many helps concerning all of it.  Now being on a regular maintenance care, I can sense when it’s time to be adjusted and it always works.  Doctor Peterson has taught us how to know our bodies and care for  them.  I now exercise, walk three or more miles a day three to five days a week and feel so great!  Thanks Doctor Peterson, God truly directed us to you.
C.U. - Age 50     

I’ve had a bad back since I was nineteen years old. I had numbness in my arms and legs making it hard to sleep.  Since seeing Doctor Peterson I feel better, I’m happier and I sleep better.  I can even bend over and tie my shoes easier.  Since Chiropractic care I can perform my job better and easier.  My thinking and decision making is much better.  I enjoy my job more.  Thanks to Doctor Peterson and to God who guided me to Doctor Peterson.
H.B. - Age 35    

I have suffered for many years with a painful left hip and low back pain, plus neck tension and frequent headaches.  I had a noticeable limp when walking, and found it increasingly difficult to go up and down stairs.  I have Osteoarthritis for which I have taken large prescription doses of Ibuprofen, and also take Glucosomine Sulphate on my doctor’s recommendation.  I attributed the pain and difficulties to the aging process, and had made up my mind to just “Live with it.”  My brother and sister-in-law had been going to Doctor Peterson and raving about him, so when he sent me an invitation for a Special Introductory Examination at their request, I decided to give it a try.  I am extremely happy with the results, and am enjoying virtually pain-free brisk walking and being able to navigate stairs again.  I have much less tension in my shoulders and neck and hardly any headaches.  My friends and family have noticed and remarked on the improvement too.  I wish to thank Doctor Peterson as well as his Receptionist, Mary for their special kindness to me.  They both have a way of making you feel you are not “just another patient”, but seem to have a genuine interest in your well-being.  I have never liked going to the doctor but it is a pleasure to come to Simply Chiropractic for an appointment when you are so warmly welcomed, as well as helped!  I drive 56 miles each time to come here.
H.L. - Age 77    

I was having headaches on a daily basis some days were bad enough to put me on the couch.  Just really didn’t feel like doing anything, let alone a full days work.  Since coming to Doctor Peterson I no longer have the headaches that caused all of my problems before.  It’s nice to come home from work and do something around the house, instead of climbing to the couch and staying there until it was time for bed.  I feel better about myself and everything that I do.  Ask my wife.  I think I am less moody.
S.E. - Age 35    

I had horrific headaches, tightness and pain in my neck and shoulders and chest pain.  Since coming to Simply Chiropractic I have very few headaches, chest pains are rare and tightness and pain in my neck has improved tremendously.  I can walk upright when I get out of bed in the morning and I can turn my head from side to side without it crackling and  popping.  I not only feel better all over I also have more energy and am happier.
P.E. - Age 33    

Before coming to see Doctor Peterson, my back and feet hurt.  My legs, neck and hips and a nerve in my back was always hurting. I found out my spine had a curve in it and my one hip is lower then the other one.  The curve in my spine has gotten better, and I walk better now then before I came to Simply Chiropractic. I still have a few rough days.  I have more energy since coming to see Doctor Peterson.   I work on cement floors 8 to 12 hours a day and my feet are better now.  I feel better about myself now days.  Thank you Doctor Peterson for all you and Mary have done for me.
E.F. - Age 49    

I have been a patient of Doctor Peterson’s for almost 7 months.  Because I had never sought chiropractic care before, I was not sure what to expect.  I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical in the beginning, especially when he explained the vast benefits of chiropractic treatment.  At the time, I was just hoping that the pain in my back and neck would subside.  After my first couple adjustments, I could already tell the difference in my back and neck, and my range of motion slowly started to increase as well.  I was on the road to recovery!  After a couple of months of regular chiropractic treatments, the benefits didn’t stop at simply being pain free; I began to feel a renewed sense of overall health.  Before I began my chiropractic care with Doctor Peterson, I frequently took over-the-counter painkillers to help ease various types of “everyday pains.”  I am thrilled that I rarely experience headaches or other pain anymore, and thus I do not have to take any painkillers.  I find Doctor Peterson to be a kind and caring person.  His unique practice of implementing a comprehensive care plan is what makes the difference in his patients’ results.  It takes time for our bodies to heal; it isn’t something that one can expect to happen over night, or even in a few weeks.  By his determining the root of the problem(s) and not just implementing a “quick fix” to make the pain subside temporarily, he can better set his patients on the road to recovery.  The atmosphere at Simply Chiropractic is warm, inviting and relaxing.  Mary, the front desk receptionist, is very personable.  She always has a smile and a friendly greeting for patients who are coming or going.  I am thankful that I had the wisdom to choose Simply Chiropractic for my care.
B.D. - Age 23    

Before coming to Simply Chiropractic, I suffered migraines daily.  The only way I could get rid of them was to take a shot.  My neck was so stiff I could hardly move it from left to right.  I had taken a fall several years ago and was in so much pain in my lower back that I could hardly stand or sit and even laying down was painful.  Both my legs would go numb if I stood for any length of time.  I had tried every medical test that was possible.  MRI’s, cat-scans, electric nerve testing, x-rays and ultra sounds just to name a few.  The medical Doctors could find nothing.  So they gave me pain pills and when that didn’t work they gave me stronger ones that helped for a short while but only covered up the problem.  I could hardly sleep because of the pain.  There was never a day or night that I didn’t have pain.  Sometimes so bad I couldn’t move.  I saw Doctor Peterson’s ad in the paper and remembered when I was a young girl I had gone to a chiropractor to help straighten my spine from polio that I had as a 1 year old.  So I called and talked with Mary his receptionist.  She was so sweet and kind to me and was so confident that Doctor Peterson could help me.  From the assuredness in her voice I thought I would try it.  After years of trying to fix the problem I really didn’t have a lot of confidence that he could help either but I figured what did I have to loose.  Well I am a big believer in God and when Doctor Peterson said that God uses man to heal the body he won me over.  He took x-rays and showed me why the pain was in my body.  I started seeing him January 19th and I was nearly totally headache free by January 28th.  I now can walk up and down my stairs, which I haven’t been able to do for a very long time.  Every once and a while I have back pain but I know when I am done with my care plan, I will be totally free of pain.  I thank both God and Doctor Peterson.  I also have more energy now mainly because I am pain free and can sleep at night.  I tell everyone I know with pain to go to Doctor Peterson because he can help you.
D.B. - Age 55    

I had extreme pain in my left hip for several months before seeing Doctor Peterson.  I also had some numbness in my left hand.  Since seeing Doctor Peterson the pain in my left hip is almost completely gone, and the numbness in my left hand is not nearly as bad or as often as it used to be.  Before coming to Simply Chiropractic I couldn’t even sit for a few minutes without pain, now I can sit and it doesn’t bother hardly at all.
D.A. - Age 45    

Before starting chiropractic I had a lot of trouble with headaches.  I would get headaches from studying and other activities.  I also had trouble with my eyes hurting all the time.  Since coming to Simply Chiropractic all of my conditions have greatly improved.  I no longer get headaches when I try to study and my eyes no longer hurt.  Regaining my health has improved my personal and school life greatly.  I am now getting better grades again.  I’m also much less irritable towards others and I enjoy my hobbies much more.  I greatly appreciate what Doctor Peterson has done for me and I would recommend him to anyone.
A.C. - Age 20    

When I first came to Doctor Peterson I was having a lot of pain in my lower back every time I tried to do very much work.  I also suffered from headaches, which I’ve had for years.  I now feel I am able to do more without having as much pain in my back.   Since coming to Doctor Peterson I haven’t had the awful headaches as often and I feel a lot better not waking up with headaches.
A.C. - Age 71    

Before starting Chiropractic treatment, my neck was out of place – plus other aches and pains, throughout my body.  Since coming to Doctor Peterson I do not have the pain in my shoulders, neck, and head as I did before my treatments. (Less treatments now.)  It is nice to leave the Chiropractor’s office and not feel any pain.  (At least until the next appointment.)
F.G. - Age 78    

Before starting Chiropractic I had back trouble, aches and pains from arthritis in most joints.  I have not had to go to the pain clinic for relief lately.  The Chiropractor keeps my back and body aligned so I do not have to go to the pain clinic.
E.G. - Age 79    

Before seeing Doctor Peterson I had lower back pain when I was walking and standing for a long time.  There is some improvement as Doctor Peterson stated from the start, that he does not promise anything, may help or may not.  I can stand longer time now in one place; also I can walk for a longer time.  Thank you Doctor Peterson.
Z.Z. - Age 72    

I remember the first time Doctor Peterson touched my back, he said o-my you must have had a severe accident some time ago.  “It was 11 years before.”  That is when I knew Dr. Shane was the person I have been looking for. J.S. – Age 35     When I started coming to Simply Chiropractic I was an experiencing headache about 7 to 8 times a month.  Sometimes they were so bad I wouldn’t get out of bed for a day or two.  Since coming to Doctor Peterson I am having a headache about every month or two, but nothing like I was having.  I have more energy to get every day things done, plus I feel I am doing more with my child that I just couldn’t move to do before.
A.R. - Age 31    

My back was really sore and would sometimes have muscle spasms.  I couldn’t turn my neck without pain.   Today I’m mostly pain free.  I can do my work or play and even get out of bed mostly pain free.
K.Y. - Age 41    

Before coming to Doctor Peterson I wasn’t able to sit more than 15 to 20 minutes in a chair without having tons of pain in my lower back.  After coming to Simply Chiropractic I am now able to sit in my chair almost all day with no pain ever.  I feel better and have fewer headaches due to pain.  I feel better, have more energy, less headaches and seem happier over all.
E.B. - Age 22    

When I saw Doctor Peterson's ad on the front page of the Reminder-“You Do Not Have To Live With Pain” and decided I better check this out.  After years of pain in my lower back, sciatic nerve pain in my left leg and not sleeping well, maybe this is the one that will help me.  I would average four or five hours of sleep, as lying down was the most painful so would get up and walk or just sit and take more painkillers.  Having a full time job, this was not easy.  I went through Mayo Clinic, was put on vigorous physical therapy ordeal (stair master, treadmill, lifting weights,) which only made it worse.  Then on to a pain clinic, I was given many cortisone shots in my spine for about three years.  Then I tried acupuncture for a year or more, both with some temporary relief, but the pain was always there.  Next I saw a Neurologist who told me I would have to live with pain.  After being on very strong prescribed pain and sleep medication for years, now after going to Doctor Peterson for months I have little pain, no numbness or prickly feeling in my foot.  Most of the time I am free of pain.  I have very little problem sleeping.  Now I can travel with out taking pain medication every four hours.  Thank God for Doctor Peterson, I don’t have to live with pain.
A.J. - Age 66    

Simple bending would put me in a lot of pain for a couple days to a week.  When walking my leg would give out on me.  Also pain down back and front of legs.  Sometimes couldn’t even go up steps or get in and out of car easily.  This has been for past ten years off and on.  I even had a hard time putting on socks and shoes cause I couldn’t lift my foot up with out the pull in my back.  Sometimes I needed help getting off a couch or chair.  Since seeing Doctor Peterson have had no pain in legs or had my legs gave out.  I can now walk a golf course instead of riding in cart.  My back pain has been almost nothing the past three months.  Now that I’ve had the sessions and doing the exercises I have a better attitude and can get a lot more walking in at work and home.  My golf and bowling has improved.   I’m sure I will have a few aches and pains once in a while, but I’m confident that I will never (hopefully) have the pain I had when first coming to Doctor Peterson.  I couldn’t even stand up straight or bend forward or sideways.  I couldn’t even put a pair of jeans on easily.  I feel Doctor Peterson has helped me a lot.  Hopefully I can continue feeling this good.
C.R. - Age 55    

I was having constant back pain and the one-day I coughed and my legs gave out.  I went to the Doctor and they gave me Vicodin for the pain and told me to rest after two months and two bottles of Vicodin and thirty pounds I finally called Doctor Petersons office.  After the first treatment I could actually bend over to put on a different pair of shoes.  I am very active with my kids.  We ride dirt bike, and four-wheeler; run them to four baseball games and two softball games a week.  Plus I help coach wrestling and run a youth football league, none of which I could do from my couch.  It is now two months later and I almost feel like myself again except the thirty pounds that don’t want to go away.
D.L. - Age 34    

For years I experienced pain in my knees.  December 1998, I had orthoscopic surgery on my left knee removing some cartilage.  This surgery helped some, but not entirely.  I continued to experience pain in the left knee to a point I had problems getting up from a chair.  Every time I went to my general Doctor I would complain about the constant pain and I would receive a new prescription of pain pills.  In April 2002, the pain extended to my lower back and down my left leg.  I was at a point when I would have to plan on how to rise from a chair.  And, if I was on the floor, getting back on my feet was excruciating.  In July of 2002, my general Doctor referred me to the Pain Clinic.  After x-rays and a CT scan, I received my first shot in the back and was then referred for therapy.  The shot relieved pain for about a week and a half and then all the pain came back.  The therapy did not help.  Three weeks later I received a second shot in the back, which had no effect.  Again I was sent to therapy, which had no positive effect.  I was then referred to a neurosurgeon who denoted spinal stensois, but discounted a sciatic nerve problem.  I was left with basically no relief.  I then made an appointment with an Orthopedic Doctor who provided me with more pain pills and ordered an MRI on my back.  He denoted this appeared to be a sciatic nerve problem.  The MRI’s were forwarded to the Neurosurgeon who discounted any back or sciatic problem.  He referred, me back to therapy, which resulted in the Therapist, after several sessions, and stating, “You definitely have a knee problem”, referred me back to Orthopedic Surgeon, since I could not straighten my left leg and the pain remained.  The Therapist also stated this was a sciatic nerve problem.  The Orthopedic Surgeon stated I had minor arthritis in both knees.  I asked why the left knee was so much worse than the right.  And, he had not answer.  Again now December 2002, I was left with nowhere to go.  I continued in complete misery form that time through June 2003.  In the interim, I was basically incapacitated.  I always slept on my left side, but could no longer do that.  I could not sit on a chair for any length of time before the pain was so bad I had to get up and limp around to get some relief.  My favorite sport golf was no longer an option.  I was now using a cane and my wife was calling me useless and old.  I never considered a Chiropractor before as I heard they would only make things worse.  However, I had nowhere to turn and I was desperate.  Doctor Peterson had an ad in a local Shopper offering new technology.  I called and the rest is history.  After three sessions, the majority of pain in my left knee was gone.  This alone was a miracle.  As result of the constant favoring of the left leg, my back was no longer straight along with evident back pain.  The pain in the lower back is not totally gone, however in 2004, I’m back golfing all summer with minimal back pain and no knee pain.  Many thanks to Doctor Peterson and his gentle effective approach.  No one should have to experience the pain and suffering I had when there is a Chiropractor available such as Doctor Shane Peterson.  In the interim, I’ve had conversations with other patients who switched to Doctor Peterson and expressed their unbiased, enthusiastic relief from pain.  Believe me, there is a better Life!
R.J.J. - Age 65    

I have been getting chiropractic care for many years.  I did get some relief from pain, but was not pain free.  Since coming to Simply Chiropractic I have more energy, there is some improvement in the amount of pain I have.  I hope to feel a lot better after completing doctor Peterson’s Program.
G.L. - Age 82    

Before coming to Doctor Peterson I could hardly walk by mid-morning.  Sometimes my back hurt all night.  Trying to go shopping at the mall was an effort.  I had to stop and rest many times.  I had no energy to do anything.  I was so tired all the time.  I’m on my feet eight to ten hours a day and I could hardly walk out to my car.  After coming to Doctor Peterson I can work and walk without pain!  I’ve improved 95%.  I sleep much better at night.  I’m sixty-two and I have a lot of miles left to go.  I’d recommend Doctor Peterson to anyone.  Now I still have energy to walk to my car after working eight to ten hours working on cement.  I even get some work done at home.  I now can shop all day and keep up with my daughters and grandchildren and have whole lot more energy.  I now feel like going places and doing so much more.
K.F. - Age 62    

I was having headaches so bad all I could do was lie down and hope to fall asleep.  Partway through my care plan my headaches drastically reduced, not only in intensity, but frequency as well.  My kids are happier with me because I’m so much less irritable, so quality of time is so much better.     I was having terrible headaches, not able to sleep, and I also had very bad pain in my right shoulder and was unable to play catch with my kids.  Since chiropractic care I sleep great every night, no more headaches and am back playing catch with my kids.  I have become a nicer person because I am well rested.  No headaches to make me crabby.  My energy level is back up.  I am a happier mother that I can do the things I love to do.  (Play with my kids).  
T.W. - Age 34    

I had pinched nerves in my right shoulder.  The pain was so severe that I found it difficult and painful to lift even ten pounds or even move my arm at all.  My neck was so stiff and sore that I slept terribly.  I was cranky and ornery all the time being in such terrible pain.  I could not enjoy anything like fishing or working in the garden.  I started seeing Doctor Peterson and Mary, within one week (2 visits) I got back the motion in my right arm, I started sleeping a lot better at night too.  I have been seeing Simply Chiropractic for nine months now, and I have never felt better.  Continued chiropractic care affects not just making your body work better, but the quality of life.  I have more energy.  I haven’t been to a medical doctor all winter for sinuses, flu, etc.  I find getting adjusted helps to drain my sinuses.  I noticed this especially because I had always had a problem with that before seeking chiropractic help.  I would recommend chiropractic care for all ages and anyone because it deals with correcting the source of the problem not just treating symptoms.
A.B. - Age 25    

Before starting at Simply Chiropractic I had been receiving chiropractic care form a different chiropractor that “cracked” the joints back into place.  That didn’t seem to be doing the trick for me.  I really like Doctor Peterson’s approach of “massaging” instead of “cracking”.  I also feel like I’m getting more benefit out of Doctor Peterson’s technique.  I feel that he is attempting to fix the problem instead of just correcting it for a short period of time.  Besides chiropractic care, I visit a massage therapist on a regular basis.  She has told me that since seeing Doctor Peterson she is able to go deeper and work at muscles that she’s never been able to get to before.  I would highly recommend Doctor Peterson to anyone needing chiropractic care in fact my dad is also coming to him now!  Doctor Peterson has made a positive impact on my life and his office staff is second to none!
D.B. - Age 32    

I had migraines and a lot of back pain prior to seeing Doctor Peterson.  Since I’ve started receiving chiropractic care I have had significantly less migraines and when I do get one it’s a lot less painful and doesn’t last as long.  I have also have had less painful backaches that are easier to get rid of as well.
T.B. –-Age 21    

Before starting chiropractic care, I had difficulty walking or standing for long periods of time.  Since I’ve been seeing Doctor Peterson he has shown me how to exercise on my own.  My walking has improved.  I have more energy and am able to do more than I did before.
S.G. - Age 65    

I did not have a serious back problem but had developed certain areas of my back and neck, which were continually reacting negatively to the normal thing I had done for so many years.  I had never been to a chiropractor and decided to give it a try.  I am so glad I responded to Doctor Petersons advertised offer and had my spine checked.  I feel mush healthier generally and am able now to do the day-to-day chores and things, which gave me trouble before.  I intend to continue with maintenance appointments especially now that I am older because I truly feel that keeping the spine healthy will help in the other areas, as I get older.  When I seem to get a painful area of the back or neck now it is usually corrected with just one visit because my spine is already healthy.
V.D. - Age 66    

Before coming to Simply Chiropractic I had severe lower back pain after heavy lifting.  I couldn’t sleep through the night and had constant back pain.  Since seeing Doctor Peterson I have regained flexibility in my spine.  I no longer suffer pain – Day or Night!
T.M. - Age 45    

Prior to my medical office visit to Doctor Peterson, I had experienced numerous chiropractors with no relief.  I had pretty much given up believing I just had to live with neck and lower back pain.  When I began chiro-care with Doctor Peterson, I was VERY skeptical due to my past history with chiropractors.  Doctor Peterson was empathetic and genuinely cared about my neck and lower back pain.  After a few chirocare adjustments, I had less pain and felt a lot better.  Now I am able to sleep on my side, no longer need a pillow beneath my knees while sleeping and limp a lot less.  The chirocare from Doctor Peterson improved my health immensely.  I can’t believe how much better I feel.  I continue the maintenance chirocare adjustments once a month, which keeps me healthy.  My husband and family members have noticed my recovery and improved well-being.  I am grateful and happy for the chirocare I received from Doctor Peterson.  The chirocare adjustment techniques have restored my life!
B.U. - Age 63    

I read about Doctor Peterson in the paper, about how he can help with your problems.  I thought I’d give him a try.  I’m sure glad I did, because he has helped me a great deal.  My back was so bad I couldn’t walk or stand straight.  Doctor Peterson took an x-ray and said he could help me.  I’ve been going to him for several months now.  Right now I have a pinched nerve in my left leg, and he is working on that now.  Also my left ear was buzzing terrible, I couldn’t lie on that side.  He has helped that about 90% and I now can lie on my left side without the buzzing.  I am better in health now.  I can walk without stumbling, and my back don’t hurt when I stand straight.  I could never turn my neck around enough to back my van up.  Now I can turn around enough to see behind me.  I look forward to visiting with Mary also.  I have more energy now and can do my own housework.  I don’t need to take a nap every afternoon now, because I get good nights sleep without pain.  My legs don’t go to sleep in the morning when I put them on the floor.  Thank You Doctor Peterson.
L.H. - Age 71    

Before starting Chiropractic care with Doctor Peterson I suffered from headaches on a regular basis.  Since chiropractic care my neck and headaches are less.  I only come in for maintenance now.  I feel better in general without the neck pain and headaches. 
B.N. - Age 44    

I started chiropractic care for allergies and a sore neck sometimes.   Since chiropractic care my sore neck gets taken care of with maintained adjustments.  We don’t know on the allergies, still using prescription medication for control, probably some relief has come from chiropractic care.  Chiropractic care helps in playing sports. Name withheld to protect minor.  
Age 13    

I started with treatments March of 2004.  At that time my legs hurt to walk in the mornings, my upper back was bad, and it hurt to move arms. I was just miserable overall.  One year later my health has improved, not only am I able to get up steps much easier, I can now do anything I want.  “Even Dance”.  Since seeing Doctor Peterson my energy has improved by 90%.  I now have ambition to spare.  I continue monthly treatments for maintance.  I am so pleased with my results, I would tell anyone to see Doctor Peterson.  His staff too, is great.  His introductory visit is awesome and uplifting.
D.A. - Age 69    

I’ve experienced neck and back pain for over 15 years.  Associated symptoms have been blocked ears, blurry vision, indigestion, and intestinal bloating.  I have sought out numerous chiropractors, each using different methods of treatment to no avail.  Then I saw Simply Chiropractics ad in the paper.  I was encouraged by the healing testimonies and thought maybe this guy is different and can help me.  Of course I was very skeptical at first, so I prayed that God would give me a sign that this was the right person to seek help from.  Upon entering his office, I noticed a beautiful picture of a church on the wall, and a bible on the table.  After hearing Mary’s own testimony with reference to God, I knew I had come to the right place.  I signed up for treatment and after my very first visit, my sinuses drained!  After continuing with the sessions, I could wake up in the morning without a stiff and sore neck, my vision improved and my indigestion and intestinal bloating decreased dramatically in both frequency and severity.  I am blessed to have experienced God’s healing thru Doctor Peterson and I hope I am a witness to everyone reading this that by putting your faith in God first, miracles really can happen.
H.R. - Age 33    

I came to simply chiropractic through an ad I saw in the paper.   I had restless legs and back pain.  My restless legs are much better and my back pain has also decreased.  As an additional bonus I rarely use my inhaler for allergies.  I have more energy, I’m able to mow my own lawn and also shovel snow.
M.K. - Age 74    

I was sure that I would be using a cane if something couldn’t be done for me.  A friend told me of the great results she had received from Doctor Peterson.  I made an appointment and after several treatments I was able to walk without pain.  I would recommend Doctor Peterson to anyone who is experiencing a condition that gives them a problem with hips, back or whatever.
H.H. - Age 70    

I constantly had a stiff neck, headaches and lower back and hip pain.  Each night before bed I would take Tylenol to help me sleep and upon waking in the morning I was just as tired as when I went to bed.  I had no energy to do everyday chores.  I would do a little and then I would need to sit down to rest before starting again.  After visiting Simply Chiropractic, I no longer have the constant headache, neck, shoulder, back or hip pain.  I feel more mentally alert, and when I wake up in the morning I feel RESTED!  I can complete my household chores without having to take constant breaks.  I don’t remember the last time I took Tylenol to sleep.  My range of motion and stamina has improved dramatically.  My energy level has gotten so much better that I no longer have to take afternoon naps.  My mental energy has increased and my mood swings are almost gone.  I feel so much more alert and able to make decisions without second-guessing myself or becoming angry at inconsequential things.  These are just a few of the things I’ve noticed after only 10 visits to Simply Chiropractic.
P.P. - Age 54    

Prior to coming to Simply Chiropractic I was in very uncomfortable pain across my lower back and from my hip to my knee.  I was in pain just walking from my car in the parking lot into the chiropractic office.  It hurt to pull the car door shut.  It hurt to move in bed from one side to the other.  I was limited to the length of time I could walk, shop or do any other activities.  Since I have been coming to Simply Chiropractic, my pain has subsided considerably.  I can now walk longer distances, shop longer, and am more mobile with little or no pain.  I did not realize how helpful chiropractic treatments could be.  With the advance technology of the Pro Adjuster, they are able to get right to the problem areas.  Also, since retirement, there is less stress.

I had frequent headaches and lower back pain.  I was always taking Advil or Tylenol due to the headaches.  I didn’t have much energy, also.  My headaches and lower back pain have improved significantly.  The only time I really seem to have any problems is if I wait too long between visits!  I have much more energy than I used to and seem to do more now that I don’t have headaches all the time.  I exercise more and spend more time doing things I enjoy.  I also feel better during the day at work.
J.B. - Age 26    

I had a lot of headaches, one at least everyday that wouldn’t go away.  Since I have started chiropractic care, I have a lot less headaches and when I do get one they don’t take that long to go away.  Work is a lot more enjoyable without a headache and I look forward more to going everyday.
S.B. - Age 23    

My neck would hurt every time I moved and I was always getting sick.  Sometimes my lower back would hurt so badly that I had to lie in bed and take a pain reliever.  Also, my allergies/sinuses were always bothering me.  Ever since I started going to the chiropractor, I almost never get sick.  I am able to move freely, my headaches are gone and I can breathe clearly.  All together, I feel better.  Some days (after going to the chiropractor) I feel as if a weight has been lifted and I am free.  My energy has always been high, but now I no longer feel trapped.  I actually can do what I want pain free.  Thank you Simply Chiropractic!
B.F.- Age 17    

When I first started coming to Simply Chiropractic, I was in terrible pain.  My back and neck hurt so bad it was hard to walk, stand, sit or sleep, and doing anything at all, was miserable.  Since I began treatment here, the pain in my back and neck is better and I am able to move around pretty well.  I still have problems now and again, but I get adjusted and I feel better and can move more freely.  Before coming here, I couldn’t do much of anything.  Cleaning the house was a huge, if not impossible task, and now I can get it done when I need to.  I can work better, and sleeping is more comfortable.  I have more energy and I feel more normal.
D.S. - Age 38    

Prior to coming to Simply Chiropractic I was in very uncomfortable pain across my lower back and from my hip to my knee.  I was in pain just walking from my car in the parking lot into the chiropractic office.  It hurt to pull the car door shut.  It hurt to move in bed from one side to the other.  I was limited to the length of time I could walk, shop or do any other activities.  Since I have been coming to Simply Chiropractic, my pain has subsided considerably.  I can now walk longer distances, shop longer, and am more mobile with little or no pain.  I did not realize chiropractic treatments could be so helpful.  With their updated technology (the ProAduster), they are able to get right to the problem areas.  Also, since retirement, there is less stress.
N.G. - Age 64                                          

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